Is NO ORDINARY FAMILY “Totally Frakked?”

Today is a momentous day in television history.

After countless hours of research and tens of millions of dollars in grant money, is beyond thrilled to unveil our latest discovery in the field of E.C.D. [Early Cancellation Detection] No, really. From this day forward you can forget about reading those time-consuming ratings reports or finding your inbox inundated with tedious Eric Balfour Google alerts because we have crafted a surefire way to let you, the all-important fan, know when your favorite show is on the brink of cancelation. We call it, our “Totally Frakked!” theorem* and it goes a little something like this: If your show of choice has just announced that its latest guest star is in any way connected to BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, you can stick a fork in it, because it’s pretty much, you guessed it… “Totally Frakked.” See for yourself after the jump.

Since BATTLESTAR GALACTICA left the airwaves, its incredibly talented, and let’s face it, not-to-shabby-looking cast, have been in very high demand. That’s the good news. The bad news is that more often than not, their job offers tend to be akin to booking passage on the Titanic. Take Tricia Helfer for example. Aside from just announcing (via twitter) that she’ll be dropping by an upcoming episode of ABC’s NO ORDINARY FAMILY (Gulp!), her resume also includes untimely stints on TNT’s DARK BLUE, ABC’s THE WHOLE TRUTH and most terrifying of all, an upcoming episode of FOX’s LIE TO ME (Double Gulp!). See where we’re going with this?

Remember how James Callis was going to save FLASHFORWARD, how did that work out? Unfortunately about as well as things ended up for DOLLHOUSE, 24 and NUMB3RS, all of which employed a plethora of BSG alums including Tricia Helfer, Jamie Bamber, Michael Hogan, among others. What’s that? Still not buying it! Take a look at the roster of guest stars for FOX’s HUMAN TARGET, which has featured not just Helfer, but Tamoh Penikett and Grace Park as well. Suffice to say, a BATTLESTAR GALACTICA guest star is the new canary in a coal mine. Don’t shoot the messenger.

* Patent Pending

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  • The counter example: Katee Sackhoff (BSG’s Captain Starbuck) appears in two episodes of The Big Bang Theory as Howard’s fantasy woman. And TBBT ain’t going anywhere.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget about Grace Park going to Hawaii Five-0 which seems to be pretty strong and James Callis going to Eureka which had a great season and is still one of Syfy’s higher rated shows.

  • I don’t know about Tricia Helfer though. Didn’t Tricia guest on Chuck, Two And A Half Men and Warehouse 13? She also had an extended role on Burn Notice. I remember thinking that I was seeing her almost as frequently as I was Mark Sheppard.

  • Nick

    I tend to believe that The Commish’s ego is the downfall of The cape, rather than a BSG star. And it’s too bad, because I adore Julie Benz….and Harry’s Law needs a good lead-in.

  • Ace

    Mary was also on Grey’s for a while. I’m filing this theory under coincidence. A better theory would be “if you cast Christian Slater as one of your leads, you are doomed from the start.”

  • Jamie Bamber is in Law & Order UK which is now in it’s 5th year…another hole to your theory

  • TL

    Michael Trucco and ‘Castle’