TV Ratings: Monday January 17, 2011

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM FOX House 10.59 3.6/9
CBS How I Met Your Mother 10.51 3.9/10
ABC The Bachelor 8.53 2.5/7
NBC Chuck 5.92 2.0/5
CW 90210 (R) 1.02 0.4/1
8:30PM CBS Rules of Engagement 9.85 3.2/8
9PM CBS Two and a Half Men 15.55 4.6/11
ABC The Bachelor 8.70 2.7/7
NBC The Cape 6.19 1.8/4
FOX Lie to Me 5.94 1.8/4
CW Gossip Girl (R) 708,000 0.3/1
9:30PM CBS Mike & Molly 13.03 3.8/9
10PM NBC Harry’s Law 11.04 2.1/6
CBS Hawaii Five-0 10.61 2.9/8
ABC Castle (R) 5.66 1.4/4

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  • Best viewership numbers for HIMYM since the Jenkins episode a year ago. One of the highest in the demo, too.

    Solid Chuck numbers, one of the funnier episodes this season with a good plot twist (even if it came an act break too early).

    Not sure the Cape can last if it’s first Monday night is a 1.8. It’s starting to look like Monday night is a dead zone for NBC, though.

  • Nick

    I’m so thrilled for Harry’s Law. I was worried about the timeslot competition, but America proved me wrong for once. Kathy Bates put on an acting clinic. How often do Oscar-winning actresses come to weekly network TV? Not often! Appreciate this series, and keep up the support.

  • I’m so glad I sampled it. We made the decision in our household to give up “The Defenders” (when our PVR missed taping the whole thing thanks to an Obama speech overrun!) due to flagging ratings and, oh I don’t know, the fact the show tries too hard to be funny and has too much of a procedural feel. We watched 11 episodes and that’s good enough for us – it’ll likely be cancelled before the end of the season, with the move to Friday, anyway!

    I am so confident in that move because “Harry’s Law” has proved to be even stronger than “The Defenders” was in its premiere episode (in both viewers and 18-49, I think) in a night with, I would say, stronger competition. “Harry’s Law” has that right mix of feel-good drama, off-kilter humour, great acting and even better writing that “The Defenders” never had. I only hope it can keep it up – and the fact it knocked “Hawaii Five-O” (which I ‘cancelled’ earlier this year after four episodes) due its CSI-like quality.

    Keep it up, “Harry’s Law”, maybe you can get “Hawaii Five-O” cancelled – or relegated to Fridays once “Defenders” is cancelled!! 🙂