Finale Unexpected: Our Take on the LIFE UNEXPECTED Series Finale

Despite the fact that we’re hesitant to kick a good show when it’s down — or effectively canceled by the CW as the case may be — we do feel the need to get a few things off of our chest with regards to last night’s LIFE UNEXPECTED series finale.

THE GOOD: While not exactly how we would have liked to have seen the series end, we are unabashed suckers for flash forwards that wrap up storylines in a neat and tidy bow. Particularly ones that involve Cate and Baze’s tearful reaction to Lux graduating high school, Lux finally calling Cate and Baze “Mom” and “Dad,” and a clever nod to the show’s original title that saw the writers slip “Light Years” into Lux’s Valedictorian speech. Which brings us to…

THE BAD: Valedictorian, really? Now don’t get us wrong, as thrilled as we were to see Lux successfully overcome her learning disability [Insert awkward shout out to Mr. Eric Matthews here!] we can’t help but think that it would have been more than enough of a victory for Lux to have simply graduated high school and attend college with her best friend Tasha. And speaking of Tasha, why exactly is she still best friends with Lux? First Lux plays somewhat of an integral role in sending her back to Juvie, only to then go ahead and steal her boyfriend. Look, we appreciate that having our titular heroine end up with “Abercrombie” Jones was important in illustrating that Lux finally got the opportunity to score (in more ways than one!) the quintessential high school experience, but was it really necessary to do so at poor Tasha’s expense? Which brings us to the biggest shocker of the evening, Cate and Baze got their happily ever after… whodathunkit! Certainly not us, seeing as though we stopped rooting for them as a couple after creator Liz Tigelaar made it quite clear that LIFE UNEXPECTED wasn’t about the two of them getting together, but rather celebrating a different kind of family… but we digress. And will conclude with what is hands down the most disappointing issue surrounding last night’s finale. Math and Alice WTF! Just kidding…

THE UGLY: Filling the hole in the CW’s schedule starting February 23 will be the network’s newest reality competition: SHEDDING FOR THE WEDDING. Can nine overweight couples compete to see who can lost the most weight and win the wedding o f their dreams? Suffice to say, we will not be tuning in to find out.

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  • Kelly

    Spoilers ahead – don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    Sad to see it go…it was a great episode though. (And I agree with you on the whole valedictorian thing, and the Tasha thing…and, well, you get the idea)

    And, while Math and Alice were quite and odd-pairing, I thought Ryan and Julia ending up together was a little strange too…just sayin’.

  • Kristyf2286

    i hate that they made kate lose the baby and never be able to have any more children, she never got to hold lux as a newborn to take away that possibility from her was just cruel

  • Kelly

    Which reminds me…here was my take on it.

  • Kelly

    Yeah, the “never have kids” part was a little over the top, true…

  • Lmao, that ending was horrible in my opinion.
    Ryan and Cate finally looked to be making progress. They had a flawed relationship, but I saw them really making it. Lol, then Baze and Cate get together with absolutely no build up. Ryan and Julia was just such an odd pairing, and it really just cheapened what Ryan and Cate had. Alice and Math was just so dumb. Oh well, what’s done is done now.

  • Sanen85

    So let me see if I got this right. Ryan, who we’ve seen to be a pretty great, upstanding moral guy, decides to leave his wife who just found out she lost their baby and miscarried for a woman who didn’t bother to tell him she was carrying his child? I don’t care if they threw two years in there to soften that blow, I still don’t buy it.

    Other than that, I’m more or less happy with the ending. I would have loved to see how they got there (and that makes me want them to bring LuX back since it hasn’t been officially cancelled), but I got my Cate/Baze and Jones/LuX so *shrugs*. Even though LuX was a spoiled, unlikeable brat, I still wanted her to end up with Jones. I guess I just never like Tasha.

    I know the ending was convoluted, but I’ll deal knowing that I got what I wanted in the end.

  • It’s always amusing when someone who has screwed up even for a semester or two in “tv school” somehow manages to be valedictorian. It is one thing to be a closet genius but it is another to fix your GPA. Typically one slightly off semester is all it takes to knock you out of the running. I guess the typical tv writer didn’t participate in the cutthroat valedictorian race.

  • Nick

    Ha! Every point you covered was earlier discussed among LUX fans here in the office this morning. Valedictorian? Let’s just go with the explanation “the school was filled with dummies.” Math and Alice…hee hee. And what about the black friend paired off with Lux’s black social worker?…more hee. Hey, they did the best they could, and I enjoyed the entire series.

  • Nick

    P.S.: Who is the CW targeting with this Shedding for the Wedding crap? I seriously want to know the demos. Who in their right mind would ever watch such drivel…or its predecessor, Biggest Loser? Maybe that answers the question…

  • Kelly

    Yeah, I thought about that last pairing too…I mean, they didn’t have to pair off EVERYONE…and it did seem to me that a lot more people cared to go to her graduation than should have…

  • Ace

    I almost rather they had chopped off the last 10 minutes and just left us with Kate and Lux making up for the 4 billionth time in her room. Like others have said, so Ryan left Kate because she couldn’t get pregnant and married someone seemly just because they had a child together…awesome… And I always thought of Baze and Kate together as a clinging to the past thing, not a forever thing. Oh well.

  • Hotstuff_kh

    I am so sad that this show is over, i loved it!!! BOO

  • Funone_17

    I cannot believe that they are replacing this fantastic show with another reality nightmare. I am seriously disappointed. After the WB took Reaper off I was glad when Life Unexpected started. It was original and great for the whole family. I swear I am not going to watch new shows from now on until they hit their 3rd season because I become too invested in the characters and are completely let down after they are cancelled.

  • Drkpknight

    I loved the show Life unexpected and I wish it was still on I can’t stand that wildcat show stupid show and could not believe you ended it like that but give us a chance to watch something we like, I enjoyed every tuesday night One tree Hill then Life Unexpected but now its crap about One Tree Hill which I love that show. Give us back our show!!! Please

  • Tj Long

    Valedictorian? That was the most rediculous part to swallow. That must have been a special ed school.

  • kitkatkaity

    Eric Daniels, not Eric Matthews. You’re mixing up Boy Meets World with Life Unexpected. Also, I do not believe that Lux was valedictorian. She was just giving a speech at graduation. At some schools the students who give the speeches at graduation are chosen based on life experiences or what they brought to the school and it’s students rather than their academic performance.

  • kitkatkaity

    I’m surprised you found Lux to be spoiled. She dealt with a lot. I would say she was the exact opposite of spoiled.