From CASTLE to SUPERNATURAL, Clothes Do Make the Man

Just ask Chuck Bartowski, Richard Castle, or even the Salvatore Brothers — if you are going to sweep a woman off her feet, what you wear is important. 
While wearing a simple white physician’s coat may work for some, like pretty boy Dr. Robert Chase on HOUSE, it is usually a better idea to dress-up a little to catch a woman’s eye — or better yet, dress the part. 
Not every guy needs to be dressed the nines like the suave Salvatore Brothers of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES or wearing a debonair suit like Richard Castle in CASTLE, but wearing something that brings out one’s better side and adds to the sex appeal does give one an advantage. 
Imagine if Castle wore blue jeans and t-shirts when visiting crime scenes — would Detective Kate Beckett have ever taken notice of his sly one-liners if he had come across so slovenly?  That is a resounding “no!”  It is Castle’s sense of style and panache that catches her eye; for he always dresses as if he were about to take Beckett out on a date.  Let that be a lesson to all men: you never know when the opportunity to ask a woman out may arise, so be prepared!

In the case of Bobby Cobb in COUGAR TOWN, he scores better on and off the golf course wearing casual wear, but that is because it suits his laid-back, welcoming style.  One would never expect him to wear anything but the clothes that make him feel confident as a man.
And as Chuck Bartowski has learned time and time again, wearing the Nerd Herd/Buy More mandated company attire does not exactly sweep a girl off her feet; but throw on a tuxedo and call yourself Charles Carmichael and suddenly women are falling at your feet. 
It is not just at work or when attempting to woo a woman that clothes matter, but for just about any occasion.  Would Joshua on NO ORDINARY FAMILY be as swoon-worthy if not for his distinct style and sense that a man in a suit conveys that he means business on and off the dance floor?  His wardrobe always conveys that he is ready for business — although his idea of business usually means leaving a body or two behind.
Another key element to a man’s wardrobe is the perfect costume.  As Vince Faraday learned the hard way in THE CAPE, people just seem to take you more seriously as a superhero if you are wearing the right clothes.  Without his flashy, deadly cape, he is just a man in a mask.  He would not be so intimidating and not quite the larger-than-life symbol to his son if he were to simply stroll around in his blue jeans all the time.  Power demands respect and to get power sometimes you have to have the right look.
The same can be said of Arthur Pendragon in MERLIN.  Would he be half as jaw-dropping if he were not constantly suiting up in armor and striding around like the most powerful man around?  Kings do not just wear crowns and robes, they frequently wear armor to convey the message of masculinity and virileness.  Arthur looks just like the average man until that armor goes on and then he commands everyone’s attention.  In fact, with or without the armor, the world bows before him. 
Another proponent of the motto “clothes make the man,” Neal Caffrey on WHITE COLLAR has it down to a science.  Whether it be wearing his trademark pristine, perfectly-fitted suit with a fedora or opting for a more mundane casual wear with horn-rimmed glasses in order to keep his prey off guard, Neal knows that every stitch he wears conveys a message.  Subliminal or otherwise, he is constantly manipulating everyone around him by what he wears.  He knows that the right outfit will open doors and open hearts when necessary.
Another man who employs the art of the perfect wardrobe for any occasion is Christopher Chance in HUMAN TARGET.  Whether you put him in rugged blue jeans and a torn jacket or a devilishly cut tuxedo, he knows exactly how to blend into his surroundings, becoming a lethal chameleon as necessary to achieve his goals. 
In a similar vein, the Winchester boys in SUPERNATURAL have also mastered the art of dressing to impress.  While demon hunting, they opt for blue jeans, t-shirts and a jacket; but if they are posing as FBI or some other government agents, they have their handy suits with dark sunglasses which they can whip out at a moment’s notice.  They are prepared for any contingency and their confidence no matter what they are wearing means they are ready for anything.
Then also employing a wonderful sense of provocateur with a bad-ass side, the Salvatore brothers on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES have eternal angst down to an art form.  They may be wearing modern day clothes to blend in, but one gets a sense that at any moment they may walk into our dreams wearing something slightly more old-fashioned, like from a long-lost era when men dressed as gentlemen with white flowing shirts.  Oh maybe that is just my daydream, but with all those flashbacks, we have all seen that a man who can wear a velvet dinner jacket and tight britches is something to dream about.
It does not matter whether you dress these particular men up or down, many women would never over-look their drop-dead gorgeous looks anyway, but what they are wearing does send a message about who they are and what kind of attention they are looking for.  Wearing the right clothes is an art form and every man should learn that by simply changing what he is wearing he is sending a message.  He just needs to decide on the message.

Tiffany Vogt is a contributing writer to The TV Addict. She has a great love for television and firmly believes that entertainment is a world of wondrous adventures that deserves to be shared and explored – she invites you to join her. Please feel free to contact Tiffany at or follow her at on Twitter (@TVWatchtower). Tiffany also writes as a columnist for NiceGirlsTV, AirlockAlpha and InsideBlip.

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