Laugh Break: 30 ROCK Sums Up NBC Programming Strategy in One Simple Pie Chart

[Source: BWE]

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  • Nick

    That chart may have been the most hilarious thing in an episode FILLED with fall-down-funny material.

    Anyone who missed The Office or 30 Rock last night….folks, I can’t begin to tell you the laughter they induced. My stomach ached.

  • TVfan

    LOL spot on!

  • Anonymous

    This is funny now but would have been hilarious two years ago.

    Chuck is still surviving into season 4, being better then ever, and is my current favorite show on the air. I’m pleasantly shocked at how good Parenthood is, being my current #2 favorite right now. I see potential in Harry’s Law, and it feels good to have David E. Kelley back in TV. And, even though I’m not sold on them yet, NBC is at least making an effort with things like The Event and The Cape, though I don’t understand why those shows aren’t on one of NBC’s sister channels, Syfy or USA, instead.

    And, while I don’t watch any of NBC’s comedies, I hear good things about them.

    I’m not as quick to criticize NBC as I once was. Sure, the Leno/Conan thing was a monumental fiasco, but that already feels like a million years ago. And, I don’t know if NBC will have a show as superb as The West Wing ever again. But, the network doesn’t feel like a total joke any more either.