Most Unexpectedly Real Reality-TV Moment: We went from laughing at THE BACHELOR’s Madison to respecting her when she removed her faux fangs and admitted to realizing that by staying, she’d be robbing another woman of their chance to find love with Brad.

Worst Decision, Daytime Division: News that GENERAL HOSPITAL was firing Rebecca Herbst — who has played nurse Liz since 1997 — was such a shock that she actually wound up a “trending topic” on Twitter!

Best Guest Appearance: Lucy Lawless looked flawless and was wildly funny during her bits on THE SOUP.

Worst Guest Appearance: While Rob Lowe may perfectly encapsulate the American ideal of a political operative on PARKS AND RECREATION, his complete and utter lack of comedic timing has us wishing we could vote him out of office… and STAT!

The First Annual “Have Our Cake And Eat It To Award” Recipient: MTV’s version of SKINS set out to push the envelops… then feared it had gone too far and re-edited scenes from a yet-to-air episode.

Best Accessory: With apologies to Vince Faraday’s somewhat versatile cape, Robin Sherbatsky’s vice-filled purse on Monday’s heartbreaking HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER would most certainly be our accessory of choice. Particularly after a week like this one, R.I.P. LIFE UNEXPECTED.

Best Accessory (Runner Up): In a sweet nod to his COSBY roots, Shirley’s ex-husband Andre (play by Malcolm Jamal Warner) dropped by Greendale COMMUNITY College with a sweater given to him by his “dad.” All together now, “Awwwwwwwww”

The “Yeah, We’re Not Buyin’ What You’re Sellin’” Award Goes To: The folks at FOXNews who claim that Joan Rivers appearance on the network was “accidentally canceled” instead of rebooked in light of the funny lady’s remarks regarding Sarah Palin’s connection to the shootings in Arizona. Do we think it’s now being rebooked? Of course. They may be liars, but they ain’t fools… especially where publicity is concerned.

Most Entertaining Reality-TV Competition of the Week: Sorry AMERICAN IDOL, our vote goes for THE MIDDLE’s “Square Dancing with the Stars.” Brad and Sue, now there’s a team we can really get behind!

Least Realistic Plot Point of the Week: Lux, you know we love you, but unless we missed that very special episode of LIFE UNEXPECTED that saw your family crash land into a mysterious lake along the lines of NO ORDINARY POWERS, there is absolutely no way we’re buying your two-year transformation from practically flunking our of high school to valedictorian. And speaking of NO ORDINARY FAMILY…

Best TV Mashup: Quick! What do you get when you combine elements of Die Hard, The Breakfast Club and Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country into a forty-four television show? The most entertaining instalment of NO ORDINARY FAMILY to date.

Biggest Tearjerker of the Week: Frankly, we’re not sure what has us more upset. PARENTHOOD’s beautifully played scene in which Haddie’s boyfriend-non-grata Alex (Michael Jordan) wonders aloud how his life would have turned out if he had parents like Mr. and Mrs. Braverman, or the fact that only 5.97 million of you bothered to watch.

  • kevin

    completely disagree about rob lowe. i thought he did a great job.

  • Nick

    Thought I was the only one who didn’t care for Rob Lowe on Parks & Rec. Didn’t like him on B&S, either. Starting to think I just don’t like him as an actor.

  • To each his own, but I truly believe he sucks the laughter and energy out of every scene he’s in.

  • Great episode, I really wish this wasn’t the end…kinda bummed actually about the fast forward of 2 years at the end, maybe without that there was a chance another network could pick up the show and continue it?

    Anyway the rest of the ending was great. I especially loved that scene where Sam calls Lux out about sleeping with a teacher, and she turns it on him letting him know that his mom is going to move in with Baze…also loved the song they used, I had to search to find out it’s “Anything Goes” by Charlie Calleja. FYI you can watch that scene at

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