PRETTY Nabs… Holy Crap, That’s Valene Ewing!

The web’s funniest series just got funnier — seriously: Kiddie beauty pageant parody PRETTY has scored KNOTS LANDING drama queen Joan Van Ark to appear in its second season finale, premiering Monday at
Who the erstwhile Valene Ewing will be playing for now remains a mystery. “We’ve kept her identity under wraps for months,” executive producer/writer Steve Silverman tells the TV Addict. “Our cast and crew don’t even know, as we filmed her in a separate location with a different crew.”

But, seeing as the laffer already has a grownup in the role of a 6-year-old, it’s a safe bet that Van Ark’s part will be more over-the-top than Valene — even when she had brain trauma and stir-fried her twins’ hermet crabs!

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