Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Slightly Spoilerific Reasons Why You’re Not Going to Want to Miss Monday’s Killer CASTLE

The Opening
While it probably won’t come as much of a shock that an episode of CASTLE kicks off with a character death, what might is the victim’s somewhat surprising connection to both Beckett — and more importantly for the sake of an episode that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat until the final bullet flies — Beckett’s mother.

The Team
Are you one of those CASTLE fan who have been clamouring for more screen time for Ryan and Esposito? Well today, or to be more specific, Monday, is your lucky day. Suffice to say, Television’s favorite bromance plays an integral role in Monday’s case. That’s the good news. With the bad news being that Ryan and Esposito’s excellent detective skills may play a little too integral role. Cue collective Gulp! in 3… 2… 1…

The Question
Remember that cold killer open we mentioned earlier in the post? Rest assured, you won’t be the only one. Particularly after a titular hero’s brush with death makes headlines, causing a certain concerned parent to sit her boy down and finally confront him with the the slightly awkward albeit painfully obvious question: Why exactly does an author who wrote 22 best-selling novels before he met a certain someone now find himself spending every day at a police station, and risking his life in the process?!

The Stakes
Sights are set, shots are fired, and to put it as blunt as we can without give too much away, Beckett’s obsession with getting to the bottom of her mother’s murder may cost her far more than she ever imagined.

The Kiss
And since no post on Monday’s CASTLE would possibly be complete without a bit of intel on the most anticipated kiss to hit the small screen since House and Cuddy locked lips, Castle and Beckett fans will be happy to discover that said lip-lock doesn’t disappoint. To the point that one of the lip-lockees will utter the words, “that was amazing” when it’s over.

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  • Kelly

    Can’t wait!!! 😀

  • fairienote

    *insert SQUEEEEEEEEEE here*

  • Charlotte

    The anticipation is almost killing me here… 😉

  • Nick

    Please, ABC, move Castle to Wednesday! I love the show and all…but you’re now facing the formidable Kathy Bates, and I’m not watching two 10pm Monday shows. Just sayin’. Wednesday is wide-open.

  • Parks

    I think Castle works great on Mondays when Dancing with the Stars as a lead-in. I’m concerned how the show is going to hold up against Harry’s Law, though. Since Castle has already been renewed, maybe if it takes a ratings hit as a result, they will consider moving it to Wednesday’s next season.

  • Kate

    Hope it’s everything it’s touted to be and the show gets back on track. The first part of the season was a bit of a dud with Castle and Beckett with other partners.

    That said, I’m really looking forward to it.

  • Annie

    no Wednesday!!!! i have flute lessons then!! 😛 ( i’m only 11 lol)