Your Ultimate Guide to the Best of the Web: Cooking Shows

At dinnertime, the Web is a great place to hunt down an interesting recipe or find an old one you’ve forgotten. But it also has a wealth of web videos designed to teach you how to make exquisite meals, learn new cooking skills, or just look at delicious food for a while. These videos will help you improve your cooking skills, whether you’re looking for simple challenges or something more advanced.

Martin Yan’s Hong Kong
Master of Asian cooking, Martin Yan hosts this web series on Hong Kong cuisine. Not only does he teach you how to cook amazing Hong Kong dishes, he also teaches about Hong Kong culture and history. So not only can you cook something unique, you can also sound intellectual when talking about it.

Feed Me Bubbe
Wish your grandmother were always available to whip up a snack? This web series is the next best thing. The producer’s grandmother teaches you how to make traditional, indulgent Jewish snacks and meals.

Jamie Oliver
British cooking guru Jamie Oliver shares not only some of his best recipes, but also helpful techniques. These range from practical – like how to de-stone an avocado, to erudite – like how to prepare an octopus. If you’re trying to lose weight, don’t worry, Oliver’s cooking style focuses on healthy cuisine.

Under the Tuscan Gun
Actress Debi Mazur and her husband present easy recipes for decadent Italian dishes, then help you pick out the perfect wine to go with them. If you don’t have a lot of experience in the kitchen or time on your hands, you should still be able to handle most of these meals.

Budget Health Nut
Sometimes it seems like finding meals that are cheap, tasty, and healthy is impossible. But this web series will teach you how to do just that, with a variety of recipes that won’t hurt your wallet, pant size, or taste buds.

Fine Cooking
The website Fine Cooking brings you a variety of web series on different aspects of cooking, from essential techniques, to bread baking, to knife skills. Watching all of these videos may not qualify you to work in a five star restaurant, you’ll certainly feel like it.

Good Bite
This web series brings together the Web’s most popular food bloggers to share their tips, tricks, and favorite recipes. Perfect if you’re trying to find a specific recipe, or if you just want a taste of the food blogs out there.

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