On TV Tonight: Monday January 24, 2011

NET 8PM 8:30PM 9PM 9:30PM 10PM 10:30PM
ABC The Bachelor Castle
CBS How I Met Your Mother (R) Rules of Engagement (R) Two and a Half Men (R) Mike & Molly (R) Hawaii Five-0 (R)
CW 90210 Gossip Girl
FOX House Lie to Me
NBC Chuck The Cape Harrys’ Law
MISC Pretty Little Liars
(ABC Family
Greek (ABC Family)

LIE TO ME (9PM FOX, GlobalTV in Canada)
Cal investigates the abduction of a baby and comes to believe that the child’s mother is… wait for it… brace yourself… spoiler alert… lying!

Rudy Giuliani drops by. Your cue to use the comments below to place your bet as to how many minutes into the interview it will take him to mention 9/11.

SKINS (10PM MTV, TMN in Canada)
Do you think the Parent’s Television Council will have anything to say about tonight’s storyline revolving around Tea, SKINS’ token lesbian?

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  • kevin

    so, do the orange marks mark shows that you think we should watch? if so, why would you say we should watch all of the cbs comedies, and skip chuck?

  • http://twitter.com/rkuang Robert Kuang

    Why are you watching reruns?

  • http://www.thetvaddict.com/ The TV Addict

    Sorry all, mixed up the grid. Obviously not watching reruns, way too much on!

  • http://www.thetvaddict.com/ The TV Addict

    Orange represents what I’m watching

  • Ggny

    Being Human should be on the watch list

  • http://www.themoustache.co.cc Sourabh Shetty

    Given up on Chuck, have we? Or is it just for this week?

  • http://www.thetvaddict.com/ The TV Addict

    I’m embarrassingly behind on CHUCK to the point that I’ve given up… with plans to catch up over the summer!

  • http://www.themoustache.co.cc Sourabh Shetty

    Oh well it doesn’t matter that much anyway. Chuck is still a good show, but not as good as I remember it being before.