Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions Regarding Tonight’s Return Of GOSSIP GIRL

How do they top Juliet?
The first half of the season gave us perhaps the tightest-plotted storyline in the show’s history. For weeks, as Juliet and Ben’s scheme unfolded, we wondered if somehow we’d missed something… until the episode in which all was revealed, via flashbacks.

Will Serena help Ben make up for lost time?
Ironically, the one guy Serena didn’t bed went to prison for supposedly having sullied her reputation. But when last we saw the disheveled beauty, she’d strolled into the prison looking like she inspired our favorite MY NAME IS EARL line: “It takes a special kinda woman to sell sexual favors in the light of day.” Something tells us that having done the time, Ben might finally get to do the crime. (Hey, if it keeps us from the millionth redux of the endlessly boring Dan/Serena pairing, we’re all for it!)

Just how nasty will the Chuck/Lily feud get?
Lily’s proven to be something of a self-serving rhymes-with-witch. Chuck could give JR Ewing a lesson in manipulation. Watching these two duke it out over the future of Bass Industries has the potential to be an epic battle.

Is there a new bitch on the block?
Tika Sumpter — who was woefully underused during her stint as ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Layla — will join the show as Raina Thorpe, whose daddy will be mixing it up with Chuck. Someone over at GOSSIP GIRL must be a fan of the Llanview-set sudser, seeing as Tika’s former co-stars Melissa Fumero (ex-Adriana, OLTL), Bree Williamson (Jessica, OLTL) both did the primetime sudser. Plus, OLTL brought GOSSIP GIRL Amanda Setton on for a too-short stint as stripper-turned-gold-digger Kim.

Are they really going… there?
When last we saw them, Blair and Dan were exchanging feisty, playful banter. And now comes word that in the episode airing January 31, the two wind up working together as interns at W magazine. We’ve noticed in the past that when these two cross swords, sparks fly. And if opposites attract, well, these two should be a match made on the Upper East Side.

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  • Nick

    Please, for the love of Gucci…GO “THERE!” It thrills me when the mindless Chuck & Blair koo….err, fans, don’t get their way.

  • Anonymous

    Well, let it be stated that Sevage and Schwartz confirmed that they are in fact going there.
    I agree that Juliet cannot be topped, but I am excited for Lily and Chuck to battle it out. That could be a major story line that ultimately would serve well for a Juliet-replacement, especially when things get ugly…mwahahah…ha.