An Open Letter to the CW: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Deserves Better!

If the definition of insanity is repeating the same mistake over and over expecting a different result, somebody at the CW marketing department needs to get their head checked… and STAT!

Or at least that was our first reaction to the perennial fifth place network’s marketing strategy for touting the return of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES this Thursday at 8PM. Giant billboards in New York and Los Angeles urging fans to “Catch VD?” A teaser trailer that asks, “Got Wood?” Seriously CW Network, was this really the best you guys could come up with?

Look, we appreciate what a challenge it must be to cut through the increasingly cluttered entertainment landscape on what is surely a very meagre marketing budget, and yes, we get that “sex” sells. Unfortunately, the equivalent of yelling “SEX! Now that we’ve got your attention” hasn’t exactly sold for the network in the past. Just ask the talented writers and actors of MELROSE PLACE how they’re doing following last season’s less-than-successful “MĂ©nage a Tues.” campaign.

What’s more, we were always under the impression that the sleazy type of lowest-common-denominator marketing methods that you’ve decided to employ was traditionally reserved for entertainment that offers little else, you know, like Megan Fox movies. Something THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is certainly not. Aside from being jam-packed with ample amounts of eye candy, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is actually filled with killer performances and jaw-dropping twists (Yes, you can quote us!) One that, unlike its cable brethren (cough*TRUEBLOOD*cough), does not have to rely on gratuitous amounts of violence and nudity to keep us on the edge of our seat week after week.

Which naturally raises the question: So why on earth do you?

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  • tjj50

    BRAVO!! I totally agree! The show is not a guilty pleasure for me, it’s a pleasure!

  • DamonsGirl

    I think it is catchy and pretty funny! Come on lets be serious, like they are really telling people to catch a VD and as if people out there would be like hey VD’s are cool and the poster for Vampire Diaries says so, so I’m gonna go catch one and be promiscuous. Give me a break! That is just ridiculous! Who in their right mind would want to catch a venereal disease?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand who runs the marketing for The CW. They s*ck! In it’s four years of excistence I have not once seen a good marketing campaign or promo. The “really bad for you” Gossip Girl posters came closest to actually pursuasion to make you watch. The rest is so shallow, inspireless and just demoting of the actual shows. Seriously, they can’t do anything right.

  • Anonymous

    Who in their right mind would watch a show that inspired an add that tells you to get vd? That has got to be the worsted promotion ever.

  • DamonsGirl

    They are not telling you to catch VD…. It’s a slogan that multiple meanings. They are telling you to catch VD. Watch the show… But it causes people to talk so it’s clever! I don’t see anything wrong with it and people these days take things way too seriously! I love this show and I was not offended by it at all. But I’m not easily offended so maybe that is the difference between me and everyone else!

  • jk

    At least VD gets promoted by the CW. Supernatural cannot say the same. I’m not a VD fan(tried to watch the pilot and couldn’t make it through the entire episode), but I will agree wholeheartedly that the CW’s promotional/marketing department must be the rejects from all other networks. Horrible.

  • JLMadrid12

    It’s stupid. It’s silly. It’s completely lame and not exactly creative. It’s a really great show. Deserves better than than some lame “Catch VD”. Does it really hurt to use “TVD”?

  • JLMadrid12

    The show is really great. Just cause you didn’t watch the whole pilot through – yeah it wasn’t great, so what?

    Oh, and it’s actually TVD. Been using that since the beginning. The CW is just full of it….

    CW sucks at marketing. Big time. Whether making lame campaings or not promoting a show enough… they just stink.

  • KM

    Please revise re:use of “begs the question”.

  • Nick

    After a two-month layoff, would you have preferred low-key promotion that got no one talking about the ads or the show? How does that benefit TVD? If you like the show, appreciate the creativity in advertising. It’s brilliant, if you ask me. Name one other show–quick!–that you can remember for their current ad campaign.

    Mission accomplished, CW. You’ve got major coverage on EW, TVA and multiple other sites. Love the ads.

  • shanna

    It is pretty annoying just because it’s not clever. It’s not even the sex stuff but just generally marketing of anything about vamps tend to have mediocre plays on the following words: “bite”, “wood”, and “sink your fangs”. It’s boring.

  • i like it, thinks its clever/funny and am not offended and know they’re not teling me to get a disease and plenty of non teens watch this show and the network-like me- so i don’t have a problem with it. Vampire Diaries is a guilty pleasure/ prime time soap according to mutiple scources so it makes sense they’d have a risque ad. I like the previous Mp/GG ones too.