Morning Static: ABC, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, Chelsea Handler & More

• Have Mercy! ABC mulling over the return of TGIF.
• Introducing the newest SKINS-job, Luke Pasqualino is BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s new WIlliam Adama.
• Setting his phasers to stun, Ron Moore’s original BSG bible fires a shot at STAR TREK.
• American’s & TV: How social media users watch video.
• Chelsea Inc.: Chelsea Handler has become a full-fledged brand.?

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  • Ace

    ABC would be wise to bring back TGIF. I was a kid during that time (under 10) and pretty much everyone I knew was at home watching with their parents. Seems like the perfect thing for a Friday night when most people in the “desirable age group” without kids are out.