Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons Why GOSSIP GIRL Star Penn Badgley Really Needs to STFU!

There is nothing we at despise more than ungrateful actors. Which is why, in response to GOSSIP GUY Penn Badgley’s inexplicable insistence on dissing his day job — you know, the one that pays him ridiculous sums of money for what we’re fairly certain 99.999% of the country would kill for the opportunity to do — we wanted to take this opportunity to send him a message. A message that goes a little something like this: (a) STFU YOU UNGRATEFUL ACTOR! And (b) the grass is not always greener. As evidence by Today’s TV Addict Top 5.

Luke Perry
Best known for: Bring sideburns back as BEVERLY HILLS 90210’s original bad boy Dylan McKay.
Career trajectory: In an attempt to find more mature roles, Perry exited the series in 1994. What he found was a string of forgettable characters in equally forgettable made-for-television movies such as INVASION and THE TRIANGLE as well as short-lived dramas like JEREMIAH, WINDFALL and JOHN FROM CINCINNATI.
Where are they now: Perry can next be seen this Saturday January 29 in the Hallmark Movie Channel Original Premiere of GOODNIGHT FOR JUSTICE, directed by fellow 90210 star Jason Priestley.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Best known for: Popularizing the “three name” moniker in the late 90’s as HOME IMPROVEMENT’s breakout star Randy Taylor.
Career trajectory: After asking to be let out of his HOME IMPROVEMENT contract to focus on his “studies,” the young man responsible for single-handedly keeping the teen magazine industry afloat during the late 90’s parlayed his post-IMPROVEMENT fame into plethora of of box office duds that eventually relegated him to guest star status on the likes of 8 SIMPLE RULES FOR DATING MY TEENAGER DAUGHTER [RIP] and VERONICA MARS [Double RIP!].
Where are they now: Although rumored to have given up acting entirely in leu of attending Columbia University, Thomas’ whereabouts is currently unknown.

Brian Dunkleman
Best known for: Forgoing millions upon millions — and yes, we can’t emphasize this enough — MILLIONS of dollars by walking away from AMERICAN IDOL after its first season in an effort to pursue an acting career.
Career trajectory: Career? What Career! Save for the occasional small screen guest spot on the likes of MISS MATCH, GHOST WHISPERER and LAS VEGAS, Dunkleman, his children, and his children’s children will forever have to live down what may in fact be the worst career move in the history of Hollywood.
Where are they now: More than likely contemplating suicide?

Mischa Barton
Best known for: Making out with Olivia WIlde on THE OC.
Career trajectory: Despite conflicting reports as to why exactly Barton left the show that turned her into a household name, her post OC resume would indicate it was to kick her movie career into high gear. Unfortunately what followed was a bunch of little-seen indie films, a guest appearance on LAW & ORDER: SVU and a failed comeback on the CW’s not-so BEAUTIFUL LIFE.
Where are they now: Making tabloid headlines.

Chad Michael Murray
Best known for: His penchant for quoting famous authors in 130 episodes of ONE TREE HILL in a not so believable attempt to give his cardboard cutout of a character a little depth.
Career trajectory: After exiting ONE TREE HILL (alongside co-star Hilarie Burton) over what reportedly boiled down to a very public salary dispute, Murray’s career has been stuck in neutral save for the recent ABC Family not-quite-holiday classic CHRISTMAS CUPID.
Where are they now: Collecting unemployment.

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  • Oh, Chad Michael Murray. That Christmas Cupid movie was AWFUL, too. I think he would’ve been better off sitting at home collecting unemployment than doing that terrible movie. (If you’re curious about the rest of my thoughts on the matter, you can search for my review on my site, but that’s neither here nor there.)

    To be fair, it’s probably better he’s no longer on OTH (though, i guess, not for him). They ran out of storylines for him, and now we get Haley’s occasional squinty-eyed imitation which is a lot of fun to see.

    As for JTT, his trajectory is common to many other child stars out there. I’m not surprised. He’ll probably have a book come out sometime soon, just like Stephanie Tanner and Screech.

  • Oh, one more thing: I had no idea that Brian Dunkleman did ANYTHING after the first season of Idol. In fact, I just figured he was cut because Idol realized they didn’t need two hosts and had to decide which one they thought was hotter.

  • Anonymous

    Did Dunkleman actually walk away from Idol? I always assumed that he was fired from the show because he wasn’t needed.

  • Honestly, I can’t see any of The OTH actors getting much work after the show ends. That’s why they are still on that train wreck of a show.

  • Honestly, I can’t see any of The OTH actors getting much work after the show ends. That’s why they are still on that train wreck of a show.

  • Lisa

    OMG. This is priceless. There’s nothing more annoying than ungrateful, egomaniacal actors. Yes, PB definitely needs to STFU. He’s not that special.

  • shakakahn

    Penn seriously needs to STFU. I don’t understand why he can’t just keep quiet and, you know, do his job. You can already tell onscreen during GG that he doesn’t want to be here, so I definitely don’t think he deserves roles that would be “harder” to play that Dan effing Humphrey.

  • Megan

    Well Hilarie Burton is currently working on ‘White Collar’ and had a baby with Jeffery Dean Morgan. Both are great catches 😉

    Let’s be honest where did any of the kids from Home Improvement go?

    Great column btw.

  • Anonymous

    Spot on! I cannot CANNOT express my intense hatred towards Murray and Barton. I sincerely hope they become homeless and spend the rest of their miserable lives regretting the decisions they made as spoiled brats.

  • To be honest, Luke Perry was the one guy who I felt worst about adding. He seems like a class act and deserves serious points for not appearing on DANCING WITH THE STARS.

    In hindsight I should have included SMALLVILLE’s Michael Rosenbaum. Who hasn’t done a notable thing since exiting the series.

  • Nick

    To be fair, I believe Penn was trying to make a self-deprecating joke. However, to the larger point: Actors who leave series before their natural conclusion–more often than not–not only struggle with their careers, but incur the wrath of fans. Why is it so difficult to just maintain your job and respect, instead of placing yourself “above” the show and your co-stars (no, Penn, that’s not directed at you.).

    Rosenbaum, CM Murray and JTT are superb examples.

  • Ace

    Heigl will join them soon if she isn’t more careful about the awful scripts she keeps picking.

  • Nick

    We’ve forgotten the most-blatant example of all: LISA BONET exiting The Cosby Show!

    Since then, has she had ANY acting role? And what is she known for….dirty dreadlocks, a baby out of wedlock, and overall dishelved appearance.