90210! PARKS & RECREATION! SKINS! CHUCK! Our TV Addict Week in Rewind

Favorite TV Town: Move over Stars Hollow, because Thursday’s hilarious and surprisingly poignant instalment of PARKS AND RECREATION that saw dozens of Pawnee denizens spend the better part of twenty-two minutes arguing over whether or not the Twilight series “encapsulated” their fare town not had us not only wishing we could visit, but that our government officials had even a smidgen of the dedication of one Leslie Knope.

Sudsiest Moment: THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS put the opera in soap opera by having a gorgeous aria play over a sequence of events which culminated in the shooting of Cane on the church steps as a wedding took place inside. 

Least Eagerly Anticipated Return: NBC announced that THE EVENT comes back on March 7, leaving most with only one question: Why? 

Best Argument Against Big Media Mergers: Mere days after Comcast officially became NBCUniversal’s parent company, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (now a division of Comcast) featured a Weekend Update sketch that shone a spotlight on cable competitor Time Warner’s shoddy service. Suspicious much?!

Biggest Bandwagon Alert: If our twitter stream was any indication following Monday’s fantastic episode in which Jeffster! provided for the soundtrack to Ellie’s birth, CHUCK just solidified a stop atop our summer must-catch-up list.

Best Use Of Awkward Pauses: The REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS reunion proved that Bravo’s Andy Cohen has clearly learned that if you don’t rush to fill the silence, someone will speak… and usually say way more than they wanted to. 

From the department of all of this has happened before and all of this will happen again: If the new 90210 is seriously concerned with solidifying an identity separate from that of the original series — Monday’s episode that featured an all-girls road trip, a cousin from Kansas who is up to no good, and what appears to be the beginnings of a storyline involving Naomi handing over a large portion of her trust fund to people who may-or-may-not exactly be whom they appear to be — is not the way to go about it.

And The Award For Fakest News Outside Of Fox Goes To: IFC’s THE ONION NEWS NETWORK. From “friendly decoy Muslims” to host Brooke Alvarez telling a publicity-hungry killer to step-up his game (“You want a serial killer nick-name? Earn it. Impress me!”), this is bust-a-gut funny. 

Most Annoying News Of The Week: Seriously? COUGAR TOWN is off the air until April. 

When Good Intentions Go Bad: Look, we’re pretty sure SKINS may be one of the worst pieces of trash to ever air on MTV, and that’s really saying something. But the Parents TV Council’s demand that every state’s attorney general investigate allegations that the show is kiddie porn is beyond ridiculous. Not only does it only bring the show still more attention (as brilliantly satirized in yesterday’s “Laugh Break.”), but we’re pretty sure those guys have better things to do.

Least Deserving Of Any More Chances: Charlie Sheen. Nothing more need be said. 

Most Correct In His Assessment Of The World: To give reluctant credit where it is do, Sheen is right in saying that there are way more important things going on in the world than his hedonistic self-destruction. 

New Rule: The next time V opens an episode with Erica imagining Tyler dead, please let it be for real.

Biggest Head scratcher: With apologies to Dan Harmon and Co. who we usually applaud for thinking outside the box, the only thing more confusing than the actual game of Dungeons & Dragons was what exactly was supposed to be funny about Thursday D&D inspired episode of COMMUNITY.

Most Awesomest News Ever: As of this week, THE DAILY SHOW and THE COLBERT REPORT are once again available on Hulu.com.

  • I actually thought Community was hilarious, save for the surprising meanness of Pierce.

  • Leslie reading Pawnee’s many town slogans along with Liz Lemon’s pregnant photo session were last nights two genuine laugh out loud moments for me

  • kevin

    seriously? that episode of community was one of the funniest things i’ve seen in a long time.

    and about skins. i thought the pilot was just awful. but i watched the last two episodes the other night and thought it improved significantly. not that it’s particularly good, but still.

  • I liked the episode too.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe you’re not watching Chuck!

    My interest in Cougar Town has gone down a lot. I haven’t even seen the past few episodes. I’ll watch them at some point.

  • Liz

    I’ll add myself to the list of people who liked Community last night. It was incredibly creative.

  • bizarro

    wow this was another excellent Community episode- i saw it twice already and laughed even more the second time. were you watching the same show??? you sure you werent watching S#$% my Dad says???

  • Mal

    Yeah, I loved “Community” last week. It was hilarious and had heart. I’m glad non-skinnier, non-black, non-bald Neil didn’t let Pierce get him down! That said, Pierce the Dickish lived up to his name!

    While I agree you should be watching Chuck, they need to stop using the Jeffster card. It’s played out, and just annoying!