Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons Why Tonight’s Valentine’s Day Themed Episode of GLEE Hits all the Right Notes

Genuine Plot Development!
Unlike a certain post-Super Bowl episode that completely fumbled their gargantuan lead-in with a not-so-thrilling episode that yet again pitted the Glee Club against the jocks, tonight’s Valentine’s Day centric-one entitled “Silly Little Love Songs” moves things forward. Particularly on the relationship front, where Sam/Quinn and Finn/Rachel’s romantic infidelities will take center stage.

Puck Rocks!
After spending the majority of the first half of GLEE’s second season warming the bench, Puck fans will be delighted to discover that tonight’s episode sees Mark Salling making up for lost time in a big way. Not only does he steal the show with a rocking rendition of “Fat Bottom Girls,” his attempt to secure himself a Valentine’s Day date for two at Breadsticks (Evidently, Lima Ohio’s only restaurant) is hands down the highlight of the episode.

Kurt and Blaine FTW!

Assuming you can stomach some of the least-subtle product placement since HEROES introduced the Nissan Versa, fans of Kurt and Blaine’s burgeoning romance will very much enjoy Blaine’s public love song featuring The Warblers that may-or-may-not serve as a major turning point for Dalton Academy’s most popular pairing.

Girl Fight!
Despite the plethora of silly little love songs that are performed during tonight’s episode — including fantastic covers of Katy Perry’s “Firework” and Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T.” — we have a feeling the one number that everybody will be tweeting about is the unintentional homage to “Stomp,” that has two members of New Directions unexpectedly turning the halls of McKinley High into their very own version of fight club.

The Adults Get a Time-Out
Probably for the best after Sunday’s super Sue Sylvester melt-down, Jane Lynch is completely M.I.A. from tonight’s episode. What’s more, so to is Emma and Mr. Shuester, the latter of which only makes an appearance to deliver his now standard speech revealing this week’s “assignment.”

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  • Anonymous

    It’s Lima OHIO. 😛

    I don’t know whether I’ll bother to watch Glee. I missed the past few eps except the post-SB one and it just wasn’t that good. It has to be the most inconsistent show on TV.

  • Burned by Google again, I swear this is also a Lima Indiana, but thanks for the heads up. Probably should have known that!