The TV Addict Trend Watch: Show Killers

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  • I knew Eric Balfour would get a mention.

  • But to his credit, he’s no longer a showkiller thanks to HAVEN!

  • Nick

    I always like Balfour. Don’t get the appeal of Glau.

  • Indeed. I enjoyed it. Looking forward to the summer return.

  • I like ’em both! Glau just gets stuck playing very similar characters. She needs something else to do.

  • Well both Buffy and Six Feet Under survived the Balfour. Probably due to the fact that he only was a guest star… As for Glau, the ultimate test in her showkilling prowess will be if/when Chuck gets cancelled after it’s fourth season.

  • Liz

    I wasn’t sure at first, but it had a killer finale. That hooked me for sure.