Why We Predict Gloomy Weather Ahead for MR. SUNSHINE

Last night saw the series premiere of ABC’s MR. SUNSHINE and with apologies in advance to stars Matthew Perry, Allison Janney and the supremely talented cast and creative both in front and behind the camera, it’s programming decisions like these that have us wishing somebody would give us a corner office of our very own on the ABC lot.

While we have nothing against MR. SUNSHINE per se — a show that while not quite laugh-out-loud funny generated more than enough chuckles (see: Allison Janney’s pill-popping arena owner) to entice us back for a second go around next week — the facts are these. America, or to be more specific — the precise number of eyeballs needed to make shows like MR. SUNSHINE financially viable on a major network — has already voted. And if ratings for smart and sophisticated single-camera comedies such as BETTER OFF TED, RUNNING WILDE, and to a lesser extent COUGAR TOWN are any indication, MR. SUNSHINE has failure written all over it.

Again, we really hate to be the one to rain on creator and star Matthew Perry’s parade. But we’ve spent enough time observing this business we call show to know how things will more than likely play out. An impressive premiere number as a result of a MODERN FAMILY lead-in coupled with an overall interest in the return of a former FRIENDS star to series television will quickly dissipate once ABC’s marketing department moves on to next weeks flavor of the week. Which once again raises the slightly awkward albeit painfully obvious question: Whose bright idea was it to give this series the green light, and more importantly, should we start picking out office wallpaper now, or wait until a large chunk of the show’s audience disappears next week?

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Mr. Sunshine’s problem is that it’s a sophisticated single-camera comedy…..the show just isn’t very good. I watched last night’s episode and it had a couple funny moments (the photo op where clowns carrying axes suddenly walk in, the owner’s offensive race song) but I don’t think Matthew Perry’s character is anywhere near likable enough for me to tune in for future eps.

  • Ace

    I agree. There was something in the pilot that they could build on, but it really wasn’t very funny. I’ll stick around b/c I like the people in it, but I don’t have high hopes (and missed Cougar Town :().

  • ggny000

    My problem with the pilot was the whole storyline they gave Nate Torrence he wasnt funny and he was hard to watch whenever he was on the screen…I think he has something on Matthew Perry because it just seems like he was casted at the last mins because he black mailed Perry or something

  • Linda B.

    I watched it and I laughed only once – when the mascot said he needed help because he dropped a taco in his suit. The characters weren’t likeable, and the show itself severely lacked humor.