• Super disappointing news, Michael Rosenbaum has reportedly passed on the opportunity to appear in the SMALLVILLE series finale.
• Change we can believe in, Ricky Gervais’ choice to replace Steve Carell is Will Arnett.
• Pilot Watch: CHARLIE’S ANGELS finds its Bosley.
• Boardwalk Bromance, how Mark Wahlberg became one of HBO’s most prolific producers.
• Is Will Forte’s exit to blame for SNL’s decline? Discuss.
• THE EVENT is… the return of Gabrielle Carteris to TV!

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  • Anonymous

    Will Forte was terrible! I’m shocked that anyone could actually think his departure from SNL hurt the show. I’m not saying SNL is very good now, but it wasn’t with him either.

  • Nick

    Have you never seen SNL’s “ESPN Sports Classics?”

    Forte was hilarious in so many roles.

  • Nick

    We would all welcome a career-killing expose on Rosenbaum’s arrogant, blatant slap-in-the-face at his (now former) fans, supposed “friends” in the SV cast, and the crew, producers and network which helped the idiot forge any semblance of a career.

    The lack of gratitude and respect goes beyond anything I’ve ever witnessed from an actor.

  • Ace

    I really don’t get it. It would be one thing if he had a great career now, but he definitely does not.

    I like Forte, but he should guest, not take over the boss position.

  • Cam3150

    I suppose I could even understand it if he played a character that was not important to the mythology. But Lex Luthor is one of the most iconic villians in the whole superhero universe. How on earth can MR not at least give respect to the character? He clearly cares nothing about the fans, his former cast and crew or the show in general. His career is non-exsistent, and will continue to be if he does not return, as I would imagine that the fan base he does have only exists because of Smallville.
    If all of this about him not wanting to shave his head again, could they not put him in a bald cap and be done with it? For me, he does not even had to play a big role in the final few episodes. He could just be in a few scenes and that would satisfy most I think.
    I really, really do not understand his reasoning for not returning. My only hope is that all of this is some kind of decoy to hide the fact that he really is coming back. How awesome would his return be if it was totally unexpected?? It does often ruin the effect of a returning star when word leaks out about it weeks in advance (Lost, I’m looking at you and Micheal on the submarine).