• Live from New York, it’s Miley Cyrus!
• Found! Elizabeth Mitchell to guest on LAW & ORDER: SVU.
• IDOL Chatter, Steven Tyler is already this season’s big winner.
• Super News! Michael Rosenbaum will be back for SMALLVILLE series finale.
• Pilot Watch: Stockard Channing to star in Ron Moore’s NBC Pilot.
• Because there is nothing we don’t love more than a handy infographic, check out this truly epic BATTLESTAR GALACTICA timeline.

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  • Nick

    So I take it that Rosenbaum’s agent began showing him the 100% negative press and former-fan reaction? This begrudging move will never remove the stench of betrayal from Mikey, though.

  • Cam3150

    Clearly he got a ton of backlash after yesterday’s seemingly final story that he would not return. I am sure he and his agent were bombarded with negative calls, emails, tweets, skypes, texts, and whatever else. He realized he had no real choice but to cave. Whatever the reason, I am so happy that he will be back. The finale of Smallville would have been incomplete and empty without him.

  • The moment I saw EW’s first report, it was clear that the news was leaked in an attempt to pressure Rosenbaum back. That said, who knew it would happen so quickly. Not me… as I was in the midst of penning a post that was going to predict on Monday that Rosenbaum would 100% be back and this was all a ploy to throw fans off the scent!