5 Really Cheesy Valentine’s Day One-Liners for the TV Addict in Your Life

Looking for a way to tell that special someone in your life that they’ve just been promoted from occasional guest star to series regular status? Too busy watching TV to come up with the one line guaranteed to make them swoon? Well, never fear, the TV Addict is here… with today’s TV Addict Top 5 featuring a handful of super cheesy one-liners for the TV Addict in your life.

1. For the LOST fan: “You are my constant.”
2. For the FRINGE fan: “You’re way hotter than my hubby in that other dimension.”
3. For the TIVO owner: “Baby, this relationship just got upgraded to Season Pass.”
4. For the DAYTIME TV fan: “Honey, you’re so bold and beautiful, you make me feel young and restless every single day.”
5. For the VAMPIRE DIARIES fan: “Is that a wooden stake in your pocket…?”

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