Anything CLEVELAND SHOW’s Mike Henry Can Do, a Machine Can’t Do Better!

Great news for humans currently living in fear that this week’s Man vs. Machine battle on JEOPARDY is merely the opening salvo in the eventual enslavement of the human race by our soon-to-be Robot overlords. When the inevitable does happen, there will still be a need for a handful of fairly talented flesh-bots. Or at least that was what the titular voice of THE CLEVELAND SHOW, executive producer Mike Henry (pictured above, top left), indicated during a recent conference call with reporters.

“The CLEVELAND SHOW would have to go down with me, it’s as simple as that,” said Henry, when asked by the TV Addict as to what would happen if himself or FAMILY GUY/AMERICAN DAD creator Seth MacFarlane were to be involved in some sort of horrifying accident rendering them unable to speak. “I think the shows are tied to our longevity. Hopefully, knock wood, nothing happens to Seth on his private plane or to me on my commercial flights until I’m as rich as Seth and I can afford a private plane.”

As for whether or not the proverbial powers that be at FOX have been secretly working on some sort of Watson-esque super-computer that would be capable of combing through the thousands of hours of available audio tracks in an effort to replicate Henry or MacFarlane’s voices should the unthinkable happen.

“Maybe it’s possible, although that’s a little morbid. I think of that episode of THE SOPRANOS where they used some existing footage of Tony’s mom after the actress had passed away, and it was just weird. So I don’t think, I think we will probably just —you know what? I don’t give a sh*t because I won’t be alive!” said a half-joking Henry, being sure to add on a more serious note, “I will say it is a great deal of responsibility with so many people working on the show. I take care of myself for my family first, and certainly for the show.”