Is a CASTLE Spin-off in the Works?

Just how much did Adrian Pasdar relish his role as no-nonsense FBI Agent Mark Fallon on the two-part CASTLE event kicking off this Monday? So much that he’d love nothing more than to reprise the part on a weekly basis!

“I got a very nice letter back from [CASTLE creator] Andrew Marlowe the other day. I said, ‘Hey how about we do a season ender with Fallon, sort of a backdoor pilot spinoff?” reveals the actor. “Just kind of as a joke, I sent it off saying what a great time I had, and I got a very nice letter saying, ‘Well it’s not too far off from what we’re thinking about’.”

But could the former HEROES star who first grabbed our attention for his starring role in the dark-before-dark-was-cool drama PROFIT soon be king of his own proverbial CASTLE? 

“Who knows where these things go?” he says. “You never know! I was very happy to have been a part of what happened on that show, and I would be the first one in line to say yes to working with those people again.”

Not surprisingly, the feeling is mutual. Added executive producer Andrew Marlowe when asked to comment on the potential of a CASTLE spin-off, “We here at Castle were very impressed by Adrian’s tremendous presence both on and off the screen, and feel the character of Agent Fallon could easily become the centerpiece of a terrific series. I leave any further decisions to the network, but, regardless, I would do a show with Adrian in a heartbeat.”

For more with Adrian Pasdar, including the affect his FBI Agent has on Castle and Beckett’s relationship, his thoughts on the rise and fall of HEROES and his TV pilot prospects, be sure to check back with on Monday for our complete interview.

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  • Tristan

    Well, they set up the Dana Delany character in a two-parter last season, only for her to be in a crime show on ABC this season AS A DIFFERENT CHARACTER. Wasted opportunity?

  • Tim

    That’s pretty awesome. I’m still kind of sad that Dana Delaney’s character last year didn’t get a spin-off. Maybe if Body of Proof fails, they can team her up with Adrian Pasdar?

  • That is pretty cool.

  • Charlotte

    Oh no! Why are every quality shows getting spin-offs? They tends to be terrible mostly. Except the JAG > NCIS spin-off, that turned out more that really well.

    I don’t want a Castle spin-off. No matter who ends up starring in it. I may be one of the only ones NOT wanting it though. 🙁

  • Tim

    You also think NCIS is good, sooo…

  • Castlefan2011

    that´s bad news for castle .When the creator and writer starts to think about another series , everything begins to go downhill. hope not because Castle is my favorite show.please Marlowe invest your time on Castle , and not in a spin off

  • Dannelle

    Marlow should concentrate on Castle.

    Don’t disappoint us!!