Biggest Tactical Error: If THE GOOD WIFE writers were really serious about ensuring viewers grasped the intricacies of a mystery that has played out for the better part of half a season, having Kalinda and Blake explain it while immersed in a seriously sexy game of strip-and-tell was not the way to go about it.

Our Person Of The Week: PROJECT RUNWAY fashion guru Tim Gunn, who told that his show would not be featuring appearances by Snooki or TEEN MOM’s Amber. “I do nothing that mitigates bad behavior, I want to end it,” he said. 

Most Disappointing Exit: After weeks of acting like an unbalanced stalker, Michelle left THE BACHELOR not in a blaze of glory but curled up in the back of a limo as if ready for a nap.

Show We Expect To Get The Biggest Word Of Mouth-Generated Ratings Bump Next Week: Although SURVIVOR’s premiere was the lowest rated in its history, the buzzworthy tribal council could have a lot of folks regretting having missed out. (Our advice: Go to or GlobalTV in Canada and watch the episode… trust us, you’ll be hooked!) 

The Saving Grace Award Goes To…: Gabi’s storyline on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, which is proving to be the only one worth paying attention to as we pass the mid-season mark. 

Saddest News: With Len Lester’s passing, we’ll no doubt sob the next time we hear the words “Hello, Jerry” uttered by SEINFELD’s Uncle Leo while watching reruns. 

Obvious Sponsorship Somebody Needs To Jump On: If Lady Gaga isn’t snatched up by the egg council following her much-discussed GRAMMY entrance, someone at that organization needs to be fired. 

Proof That The American Dream Is Alive And Well: The talent-free, famous-for-no-good-reason Kardashians raked in $65 million dollars last year. 

Best Exit Line: Riffing on a classic line from THE SIMPSONS, JEOPARDY champ Ken Jennings summed up his defeat to I.B.M. computer Watson with, “I, for one, welcome our new computer overlords.”

Lamest “Exclusive” Ever: TVGuide breathlessly reported that SMALLVILLE would be re-airing the 2001 pilot of SMALLVILLE on April 8. Can someone tell them that it’s a rerun?

Show Most Deserving Of A Self-Referencing Bad Review: Bravo’s THE APPROVAL MATRIX is lowbrow despicable. 

Worst Casting Decision: Seriously? Jesse Metcalfe as Christopher Ewing on the much-buzzed about DALLAS reboot? That sound TNT hears is previously-excited fans of the original changing their minds. 

Best Series Ender that Wasn’t: As the Steve Carell OFFICE farewell tour heads into the final leg of its journey, Michael Scott’s goofy, cameo-filled screening of his Mr. Holland Scott Opus equivalent “Threat Level Midnight” not only had us smiling for a full 22 minutes, but reminded us just how much we’re gonna miss the big boss man when the time comes to actually say goodbye.

Most Disappointing Exit (Runner Up): Having Larry Hagman reprise his role as Lynette’s politically incorrect father-in-law only to quietly kill him off mere minutes into Sunday’s DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES is not how you treat a TV legend. We’re just sayin’

MVG (Most Valuable Guest Star) of the Week: Living up to his character’s namesake of Amazing Andy was LOST alum Michael Emerson, who should probably make some room on his award shelf for his emotionally poignant performance as an adult living with Aspergers on this week’s PARENTHOOD.

Proof That We Might Have Super Powers: Way back on July 23rd 2010 your very own TV Addict totally called how Justin Bieber’s CSI guest stint would come to an end! You know, just in case CBS is looking for a dashingly handsome TV type for THE MENTALIST spinoff you just know they’re itching to pull the trigger on.