The TV Addict Trend Watch: Television’s Most Annoying Characters

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  • Nick

    Oh, come on. Tyler may be dumb as a doornail, but he’s the only male eye-candy on this show…and he’s got the hottest alien GF, as well.

  • Agree for most part, although Claire was as annoying as Mohinder on that show. Whenever they said they had to save the cheerleader I was always like ‘do you really have to?’

  • Abby

    I so agree about Tyler! Cringe every time he is onscreen. As to the poster that says he’s the eye candy – maybe for the teens. But I’d say the actor playing Hobbes is the hunk on the show 🙂 And he’s not annoying!

  • Noooo Lana Lang keep the devil woman away from me! Tyler is ok but V as a show is a little weak and he doesn’t do anything particularly stupid in the show. Mohinder, poor Mohinder he is an annoying character but I found Sylar ultimately far more destructive to the show.

  • Jeff

    Can we add Kurt from Glee to this list? 😀

  • Lana Lang got more annoying as the seasons went on on Smallville even as they tried to find things for her to do she was just pointless and annoying. The producers should have jettisoned her once they brought Lois Lane into the series. It wasn’t Kristin Kruek’s fault it was the writer’s.

  • I am not sure how you can sort through who is more annoying on Glee. Annoying and unlikable mixed in with random singing is what the show runs on and what has made it successful (I presume).