We Preview Tonight’s Can’t Miss FRINGE: “Subject 13”

Picking up mere months after last season’s thrilling “Peter” flashback-centric episode, tonight’s phenomenal FRINGE follow-up entitled “Subject 13” is truly a can’t miss. That’s the good news. The bad news is that what has become abundantly clear is that Walter’s actions in “borrowing” Peter (who for some inexplicable reason continues to insist that his real home lies at the bottom of the lake!), in addition to his subsequent attempts to return him to his own universe will have some seriously killer implications throughout not just one, but two universes.

That said, don’t let the episode title or its teaser fool you. Despite an emphasis on a young Peter and Olivia’s beautiful first encounter, a memorable face-to-face which is marred only-slightly by the heartbreaking and harrowing circumstances that lead up to it, the real story of tonight’s episode is on the affect the twosome have on the Bishop parents.

Turns out, after coming to grips with the enormity of what he has done, the batch of crazy that goes down in tonight’s instalment will go a long way in planting the painful seeds as to what the future holds. Walter’s descent into madness! Walternate’s path to power! Elizabeth’s unfortunate demise! The terrifying experiments conducted on Olivia! It all starts here. And while we sure as heck aren’t about to spoil any of the specifics — except to say that the authorities really should take a closer look at what we have a feeling is the most poorly run daycare facility in all of Jacksonville Florida — we will say this: You best be recording tonight’s episode.

For not only are the final ten minutes guaranteed to have you hitting the rewind button on your remote multiple times (at last count, we’re on our third re-watch!), the final scene features one of those all-too-rare television moments that will send chills running down your spine as one character finally clues into a certain something that audiences have known all along.

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  • Nick

    Yeah, I’m sure Fringe will be good and all…but might I suggest DVR? Anyone who isn’t tuned into Supernatural at 9pm deserves to be zapped to alt-world.