March TV 2011: Print and Download Your Calendar Here!

While there is no denying that parting is such sweet sorrow, there is one thing worse than being forced to bid adieu to your favorite television show: Forgetting to do so! Which is why in a month filled with farewells of both the permanent (see: BIG LOVE, GREEK), non-permanent (see: WHITE COLLAR, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS), and still-to-be-determined (see: V, SOUTHLAND) variety, we here at highly recommend downloading and printing our March 2011 TV Calendar. Available at the following links as both a High Quality PDF or JPG.

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  • Melissaconner88

    Very dissatisfied to hear life unexpected not returning..

  • The dates are wrong for the second Friday and fourth Thursday. It should read 11 and 24 respectively.

  • Your calendar is missing 2 series finales:
    ABC’s SuperNanny on Friday, March 18 (Jo Frost Qut)
    ABC’s Detriot 1-8-7- is scheduled on Sunday, March 20. It is most likely cancelled.

  • Thanks for the corrections all!

  • Anonymous

    I was wondering why i kept writing the wrong date. lol thanks for making the corrections.