• Dance on, Dance off! Karate Kid Ralph Macchio among the 12 contestants revealed for the new season of DANCING WITH THE STARS.
• Pilot Watch: MY NAME IS EARL’s Jaime Pressley, FRINGE’s Kirk Acevedo and WITHOUT A TRACE’s Poppy Montgomery join pilots.
• Best. News. Ever. SHAMELESS and EPISODES earn much-deserved second seasons!
• CSI Scoop: Marg Helgenberger wants to do only ‘a few episodes’ next season.
• Charlie-Watch 2011: Sheen calls rumors of John Stamos replacing him a “tragic joke,”, spills his guts to TMZ, unleashes lawyers on CBS and Warner Bros., slams former publcist,, and will continue his media tour this morning on TODAY.

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  • Ace

    I’ve always disliked Charlie Sheen, but at this point I really wish people would stop giving him interviews b/c it is pretty clear that he needs serious help. It’s not funny anymore.

  • bws

    I think the show about a British import was more deserving of a second season than the British import. Episodes really grew on me towards the back half of the season and it went in directions I didn’t see coming. So good for them. Seven episodes wasn’t very much anyway.

  • Completely agree, if ABC had any class they’d cancel the 20/20 interview with him tonight. Jeff Jarvis (who founded my bible “EW”) just posted a really great piece on the subject over on his buzzmachine blog:

  • Ace

    Thanks for the link. Couldn’t have said it better myself. ” He doesn’t need airtime. He needs couchtime.”

  • Anonymous

    The tragedy of the situation is where will we be able to see Conchata Ferrell if this show is canned?