NO ORDINARY SPOILERS: Stephen Collins teases what’s in store for fans as NO ORDINARY FAMILY’s first season heads into the home stretch

If NO ORDINARY FAMILY is going to go down — like any good superhero — it sure as heck isn’t going to go down without a fight. Or at least that’s the distinct impression we were left with following a phone conversation with actor Stephen Collins, who was kind enough to tease a few of the “big, fun, reveals that people who have been following the show are just going to flip out over.”

First and foremost, the arrival of the lovely Lucy Lawless, who alongside former BATTLESTAR GALACTICA co-star Tricia Helfer, kicks off the first of a multi-episode arc tonight playing the mysterious Mrs. X.

“She’s the power behind the throne and I think they have some some history,” teased Collins on Mrs. X’s potential connection to his nefarious Dr. King. “It’s just been so much fun because not only is Lucy so much fun to work with, her character becomes instrumental in the working out of the finale which is just so cool.”

Also cool, albeit somewhat less surprising is the fact that fans have not seen the last of Joshua, despite the end of last week’s episode indicating that “The Watcher” was, well, no longer watching.

“One of the brilliant things that these writers have discovered is that you can do anything. They’ve created a world where the audience and even we the actors can never be too sure that just because “A” has happened that therefore “B” must happen,” explained Collins. “So yes, we saw Joshua leaving town and that is sort of relatively simple one to think that doesn’t mean he isn’t coming back. But to their credit, the writers are finding out much more complicated and I think fun ways so that you never know in this world if things are what they seem to be. There are a lot of surprises in store for viewers over the course of the last few episodes, a lot of information about King is revealed and another whole set of extraordinary circumstances are set up so that in the second season will create fascinating context for the show.”

In other words, fans won’t be the only ones super-disappointed should ABC decide not to give this show another shot.

“I so want the show to go on next season because I’m left after this finale just dying to know what happens.”

NO ORDINARY FAMILY airs Tuesdays at 8PM on ABC (ATV in Canada)

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