Blogger Beat Down: Extreme Makeover TVLine Headline Edition!

The subject of this week’s ‘Blogger Beat Down’ are… the various staffers who insist on crafting headlines that leave readers with the incorrect impression that current shows may be “over” as a result of actors jumping on board new Fall Pilots.

Our Take: PERFECT COUPLES is not dead because star Kyle Bornheimer has agreed to join Fox’s COUNCIL OF DADS and neither is OFF THE MAP now that Rachelle Lefevre has been tapped as the female lead in NBC’s THE CROSSING. What’s more, you being highly respected journalists who have been covering this business we call show for years now, know it! Which is to say that you know full well that whether or not an actor has agreed to a new project has absolutely no bearing on the future of their current ones because their casting is completely contingent on the future of their current gig (Or, as it’s known in the biz, being in “second position.”) Which raises the slightly awkward albeit painfully obvious question: Why do you insist on continuing to insult your reader’s intelligence with these ridiculously misleading headlines? Particularly because if anything is going to ensure that PERFECT COUPLES and OFF THE MAP are “over,” it’s their lacklustre ratings. We’re just sayin’

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  • well perfect couples is definitely dead, but you’re right about off the map

  • bws

    Nice beat down, TVA. I completely agree. I haven’t watched “off the map” and “perfect couples” certainly doesn’t deserve to stick around, despite improving somewhat. Truthfully, I like all the women on the show in terms comedy – they should replace all the guys.