Infographic: How Does Your Favorite Brilliant-But-Canceled WB/UPN Series Stack Up Against the CW’s Current Lineup?

Inspired by a recent conversation with former 7th HEAVEN star Stephen Collins, we thought it might be fun to see just how our (not to mention your) favorite brilliant-but-canceled WB/UPN shows stack up against the CW’s current lineup of “hits.”

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  • What about “Buffy”? That was on the WB for five years, before it moved to UPN.

  • Dave

    Buffy wasn’t canceled. It ended. SMG’s choice.

  • Well, the contract with the WB ran out after S5 and they chose not to pick it up again, because Fox wanted 1.8 million $ per ep to keep producing it. So a bargaining race ensued, which UPN ultimately won. Back then WB and UPN were not the same network yet.
    Kinda like a cancellation, no?

  • Nick

    When Jamie Kellner was promoted to oversee the merger of Time Warner and AOL, The WB lost its focus. Garth Ancier destroyed the network piece by piece, and David Janollari finished the job.

    Cancelling Angel was the single worst programming move ever. They had already lost their “baby,” Buffy. From the “glory” year of 2000, when every night was must-see, poor corporate decisions cost the network its life.

    Which is why some great, fresh new minds are needed in the CW war-room immediately. Clean house.

  • This just makes my head hurt. We’ve got to go back, Kate! Err…sigh.

  • The Emmys should have an In Memoriam segment for all the great shows we have lost before their time.

  • Good job WB, really… Not !
    I’ll never forgive the sudden Angel cancellation.
    Grrr Argh!

  • Fig1007

    HHow is it even possible to have a “brilliant but cancelled” list and not mention “My So Called Life?”

  • Cyrstal

    Well it was on MTV, not CW. But it was by far one of my favorite shows of all time and sucked when it was axed!

  • Lolly

    Each of the cancelled WB shows were all better than the current CW shows listed above by a mile!! The only decent CW shows are Supernatural and Smallville, both of which started out on the WB of course.

  • wow, more CW bashing posts, surely u actually have news to report

  • Liz

    ARGH!! That just makes me mad! At least the Vampire Diaries will likely stay around. That’s a great show. But Everwood and Angel had sucky endings because of early cancellation. I still have the awful taste in my mouth. Way to go WB.

  • KaeDee

    The problem with The CW is it targets too narrow a demographic to grow effectively. The WB as well as UPN had programming that attracted more than one demographic audience, so more people tuned in.