Rant Alert! Stop Spoiling Our Shows

WHY DO NETWORKS INSIST ON SPOILING THEIR OWN SHOWS IN SEARCH OF THE ALL MIGHTY RATINGS POINT? That’s the infuriating question we find ourselves asking hot on the heels of the recent news that has a certain actor* appearing in a cameo capacity on an upcoming episode of FRINGE.

Now don’t get us wrong, we completely appreciate the perilously bubblicious** position FRINGE currently finds itself in when it comes to their renewal prospects, and of course applaud anything and everything that helps contribute to an uptick in ratings. That said, despite his popular following as a result of his previous role(s), we highly doubt this cameo by an actor who shall not be named is going to make even the slightest bit of difference ratings wise.

In fact, as someone who has been observing (Not in a creepy bald-headed black fedora kind of way we assure you) this business we call show for quite some time now, we feel quite confident in prognosticating that there will be virtually no ratings improvement based on this actor’s appearance***. After-all, if almost three seasons of FRINGE have taught us anything, it’s that much like CHUCK, what you see is what you get. And unfortunately, in the case of the best show on television that you, yes YOU, currently aren’t watching, what you get is a weekly average of 4 – 6 million. A number which by no means is going to double based on a highly buzzed about guest appearance. Unless of course that guest appearance is by Charlie Sheen.

What’s more, Fox, in leaking this information has essentially robbed their most loyal viewers of television’s most endangered of endangered species… the element of surprise. Leaving us to wonder just how much cooler an episode could have been had so-and-so simply appeared on screen unexpectedly.

Alas, we will never know.

* In an effort to not spoil the surprise for the portion of our readership who may-or-may-not be as addicted to twitter as we are, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to conceal the actor’s identity.

** Being on the proverbial “bubble” sounds a lot more fun the way we say it.

*** By the way, if you still have yet to click through to discover the actor’s identity, give yourself a pat on the back for demonstrating far more self-control spoiler wise than we ever could!

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  • I tweeted this exact same thing after seeing yet another City TV (Canada) commercial giving away ever punchline of 30 Rock and the secrets behind Fringe. I’m sick of it! I have to cover my eyes and plug my ears!

  • Ace

    The thing that annoys me is shows giving away an episodes best jokes during commercials so by the time you see it, it’s not as funny. One of the great things about DVR to avoid them.

  • Avoiding the spoiler is going to be difficult, considering half of the pages I ‘like’ on facebook are those of tv blogs and such, each clamoring to be the first to tell me the latest spoilers.

    So, I am going to avoid clicking anything with Fringe in the title, even if it turns out to just be a photo of my cousin’s new hairstyle.

  • I hated when the Canadian network citytv ruined Olivia and Peter’s kiss by putting it in the promo. I wanted to be surprised.

  • Mal

    I hate to be a naysayer here, but using your logic, of course a cameo from a well known, well liked actor would have no impact on ratings if the network couldn’t “spoil” it. How would anyone who is a fan of this actor know to tune in for the show if they had no idea he was going to be on it? They “spoilers” in the promos aren’t spoilers- they’re promos! They are promoting the fact that this actor will be on- to gain interest.

    I know who the actor is, and I know he’s going to be on the show, but I know very little about who he’s playing or how he ties into the story, so I don’t really considered it “spoiled.” I consider it promoted, and it has piqued my interest for sure, because I do like this actor very much.

    I think your argument would’ve been stronger using Ricky Gervais’ cameo on “The Office,” where the whole scene was leaked well before the show aired. I saw his entire cameo days before the episode. Now that’s spoiling a cameo. In the case of Fringe, though, unless I’ve missed something major on YouTube, it’s simply a promotion, not a spoiler.