Just when you thought Hollywood couldn’t get any lazier… brace yourself for the latest installment of our popular ongoing “Separated at Birth” series. Today’s targets — CBS’ UNDERCOVER BOSS and ABC’s SECRET MILLIONAIRE — both of which are not only based on already popular UK formats, but feature remarkably similar structures that see successful American business people leave the comforts of their own home and/or office behind them in order to go undercover and work with those less fortunate. What’s more, both BOSS and MILLIONAIRE culminate in an emotional reveal in which the aforementioned business person discloses their true identity and rewards the hard-working people that have touched them. Agree… disagree… still trying to wrap your head around the idea that programming executives are now ripping off shows that have already been ripped off from other countries!? Post away in the comments below.

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  • It’s like Wife Swap and Trading Spouses all over again!

  • except that Secret Miullionaire came first, when FOX aired it in Christmas 08 to pretty decent ratings. Once they let their option expire, ABC stepped in and picked up 6 eps. Their pickup was also before CBS premiered Undercover Boss, they just hadn’t scheduled it yet.

  • Just to clarify (A) I am aware that SECRET MILLIONAIRE already aired on FOX and (b) I stand by my “Separated at Birth.” Regardless of what show came first, it still works!

  • Nick

    Either way, both networks should be aware that I am smack dab in their shows’ demo….and I have never watched such garbage, and never will.

    But, shhhhh….that’s a secret.