This Just In: The only thing you really need to know about GREEK’s upcoming series finale

This Monday at 9PM on ABC Family will see the series finale of GREEK — and with it — the end to one of the biggest mysteries to hit the small screen since Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse divulged the nature of the LOST’s mysterious island.

And while we sure as heck aren’t about to spoil the plethora of delightful surprises that await loyal fans of the show — including the unexpected return of a few familiar faces, not to mention some much deserved happily-ever-afters for some of Cyprus-Rhodes University’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorettes — we did want to take this opportunity to assure readers of one very important thing. Having recently had the pleasure of screening the incredibly satisfying series finale, fans will be thrilled to discover that creator Sean Smith has indeed lived up to the promise that he made to us during a May 2009 set visit that had him swear, ” the series will end with Cappie’s graduation and that’s where we’ll figure out what his real name is.”

Oh, and did we mention that his real name starts with the letter “C?!” See for yourself, this Monday March 7 at 9PM on ABC Family.

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  • I will miss this show. As much as Lost, and Buffy, and Angel, and Veronica Mars, and Battlestar Galactica, and all the others.

  • I’m really disappoint they’re discontinuing this show. It was the only semi-realistic college show I could find and I loved it.

  • David4

    It’s Capie with only one “p” or Cappy.

  • Although I’m usually the first to admit when I have spelling and grammar errors, according to ABC Family’s press website, the correct spelling is “Cappie.”

  • Although I’m usually the first to admit when I have spelling and grammar errors, according to ABC Family’s press website, the correct spelling is “Cappie.”

  • chl0is

    why does it have to end :'(

  • swimgirl

    Im pretty sure he was trying to be funny by saying that his real name would be something as simple as Cappy or Capie while they call him Cappie.

    On another note I thought that they mentioned once that his name would be very ironic because his parents were hippies.

  • Shomy

    Yes! Cappie’s real name!! :DD Too bad about the last ep tough…. :((((

  • Cassidy

    yeah that was when rebecca almost said his name in the experiment. lol

  • Dazindb

    I am really sorry this show is ending now. I thought for sure that the network would give us at least one more season or 1/2 a season to end it without rushng it. Anyway, another great show ending before it’s time. I think viewers are getting used to it which doesn’t say much for network tv. There are so few shows on that are good and they keep taking well liked shows off and putting nothing good in it’s place. So sorry to see this show go.

  • Cappieandcaseyfan

    It will probably be something like Capital or Capitalism and his last name will be something like Washington.

    I hate that this show is ending. This is my last show I watch. Now I am TV – less:(

  • David4

    Exactly what I meant.

  • David4

    I’d suggest Veronica Mars.

  • David4

    They did give it a half season, it’s what you have been watching the last two months.

    ABC Family over a year ago announced the show would come back for a final 10 episodes (half season) to end the show. I’m not sure why the writers have saved so much for a finale episode, but oh well, this season has been fun.

    The ratings were horrible (700,000 viewers) and I’m glad we are getting these final episodes.