Morning Static: Elizabeth Hurley, James Callis, J.J. Abrams & More!

• Coming to America: Elizabeth Hurley!
• And taking an early lead in the race to be fall’s most anticipated new show: James Callis and Matt Long join Jamie Bamber in Ron Moore’s magical NBC pilot.
• Still #1! Fox execs breath a sigh of relief over a Cowell-less IDOL.
• She’s a survivor, Brett Butler on addiction, Charlie Sheen and working with Chuck Lorre.
• Taraji P. Henson is… J.J. Abrams PERSON OF INTEREST.

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  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the link to the Brett Butler story. I always loved Grace, and it’s sad to see her neighbor playing the period fairy in ads these days.

  • Agreed. Having always had a soft spot for the GRACE UNDER FIRE and Butler’s work I for one will be rooting for her comeback!