Monday Mailbag: A Call For Questions!

As regular readers of may-or-may-not have noticed, we’ve been pretty prolific about adding new features to the site this year. Yet despite the additions of our awesome new contributor Tiffany Vogt, our ‘Monday Cheat Sheet’ and Friday ‘Week in Rewind’, one thing still remains: A weekly ‘Ask the Addict’ Column. Which is precisely where you, the far smarter and better looking reader comes in. Got a TV related question of query? Post away in the comments below and check back on Thursday for the answer.

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  • Any information on season 2 of Lost Girl? I heard it was supposed to start filming this month. Thanks!

  • Any clue on the return dates of Spartacus, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead?

  • losermind

    Penn & Teller: Bullshit, season 9, what’s up with that? Is there any chance they’re coming back?

  • TVFan

    Any scoop on my. Two favorite locally shot show, Degrassi and/or Nikita?

  • Ace

    Related:Are they any loser to getting everyone set for the next season of Mad Men?