Laugh Break: Gleeks Gone Wild!

Arguably more interesting than the entirety of last night’s episode of GLEE is this video of Gleeks reacting to the kiss heard tweeted ’round the world. We’re just sayin’

[Hat Tip: Slog]

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  • Last nights episode was the best of season 2 so far…you make it sound like it was boring

  • losermind

    Wow… this is really stupid… And compare this video, that’s obviously stage, to last night’s glee… it’s dumb

    Like Elliott said, last night, was one of the best episodes of the series yet, and no doubts the best of season 2… So this post it’s pointless

  • I agree w/ these 2 posts. Last night’s episode was awesome!
    Idk wut ur smokin?!

  • Sretav

    I think I’m about to give up on TVaddict. I’ve never really enjoyed the cynical entertainment reporting genre. If you don’t like a show then don’t report on it. I’m not saying everything needs to be unicorns and rainbows but I don’t read websites so they can prove to me how smart and hip they are and how poor my tv tastes periodically run. This and the filler fluff from his guest writer have put me over the edge.