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Ask the Addict: Spoilers for SHAMELESS, DEGRASSI, NIKITA, PARENTHOOD & More!

Any word on what will go down when Michael and Nikita have a little talk when the show returns. — Amy
The TV Addict: Unfortunately for Nikita, the “word” is somewhat of a good news, bad news situation. With the good news being that Michael will promise to keep what he knows about Alex’s true loyalties from Percy if — and here is where the bad news comes in — Nikita can find Kasim (the man responsible for murdering Michael’s family) within the next 24 hours!

Is there any hope for us Mikita (Michael and Nikita) shippers? — Brenda
The TV Addict: While we’re hesitant to give false hope to Mikita shippers — particularly because we haven’t seen the last of Owen — our sources on location (Suffice to say, living in the same city in which NIKITA shoots is finally starting to pay off!) Michael and NIkita will very soon be working hand-in-hand in an effort to free Alex from the clutches of Division before she is outed as the mole by [redacted for fear of spoiling everything!]

In terms of their renewal chances, should fans be concerned that FOX has opted to air reruns of THE CHICAGO CODE and LIE TO ME throughout the summer over the likes of FRINGE and HUMAN TARGET? — Franklin
The TV Addict: Absolutely not! Despite headlines to the contrary, there are two very important reasons why we believe the likes of FRINGE and HUMAN TARGET were left off Fox’s summer schedule. First and foremost, FRINGE has never repeated well (to the point that it has never been included in Fox’s summer scheduling plans). And two, if you’re going to rerun shows over the summer, you might as well choose shows like THE CHICAGO CODE and LIE TO ME that are produced by Fox’s sister company 20th Century Fox Television versus FRINGE and HUMAN TARGET which are both Warner Bros. Television properties and add very little to the bottom line.

PARENTHOOD is so much more fun when Crosby is happy, any news on a potential reconciliation between Crosby and Jasmine? — Bailey
The TV Addict: When PARENTHOOD returns on March 27 after far too long a hiatus, fans will be happy to learn that an incident at school will bring Crosby and Jasmine closer together. Less happy, is the news of the medical variety that Joel and Julia will receive.

When should this UGLY BETTY addict expect America Ferrera to return to THE GOOD WIFE? — Sam
The TV Addict: Mark your calendar for March 29th when a smitten Eli anonymously enlists the services of Lockhart Gardner when Natalie (America Ferrera) faces deportation as a result of his political maneuverings. Oh, and judging by the sparkling smile plastered across America Ferrera’s face, we have a sneaking suspicion we haven’t seen the last of her!

Seeing as though I’m the only one that cares about NO ORDINARY FAMILY, I’m hoping you have some intel on which series regular will not survive past the finale. — Adam
The TV Addict: Unfortunately, judging from a recent phone interview that was hastily cancelled at the last minute, we have a feeling no member of the cast will be be living to fight another day post-finale! But to answer your question more specifically, all sources are pointing to the fact that Katie’s (Autumn Reeser) baby will very soon be left to grow up with a single parent. Gulp!

Please tell me Fitz isn’t going to continue to come between Clare and Eli on DEGRASSI? — Jessica
The TV Addict: Honestly, at this point we’re far less concerned about born-again Fitz coming between Clare and Eli than we are about Noah Bradley, the school’s newest heartthrob who be joining the show next season. Turns out, Noah has a childhood connection to Clare, worst still, it’s a “friendship” that Noah’s meddlesome parents seem very keen on having them rekindle. Double Gulp!

Any SHAMELESS scoop? — Naomi
The TV Addict: Does us awarding SHAMELESS our favorite new show of 2011 count as scoop? What’s that? It doesn’t! Well how does this sound… on the upcoming March 27 finale, Debbie won’t be the only one to be in on the secret life of the american teenager Steve!

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