This Just In: NBC Gets Something Right!

Change we can believe in indeed.

In one of his first moves since taking the helm of the perennial fourth place Peacock network, NBC Entertainment President Bob Greenblatt has issued official pickups for THE OFFICE, PARKS AND RECREATION and COMMUNITY to return for an eighth, fourth and third season respectively.

According to Greenblatt, “I am so pleased to renew these three outstanding comedies which are all at the top of their game creatively. Along with 30 ROCK [Which incidentally has already been picked up] they represent the best of what the NBC comedy brand stands for in terms of originality, wit, and THE OFFICE continues to fire on all cylinders on the most competitive night of television; PARKS AND RECREATION has come into its own this season as the rightful companion to THE OFFICE; and COMMUNITY is one of the freshest comedies on any network and a solid foundation for Thursday night.”

According to us, all that’s left for newly-minted head honcho Bob Greenblatt to cement his status as best NBC Network President ever are official pick-ups for the highly under-watched and hugely underrated PARENTHOOD and PERFECT COUPLES respectively. We’re just sayin’

  • Anonymous

    My day just took a turn for the better!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t watch any of those renewed comedies nor Perfect Couples, but I do agree about Parenthood. It’s got a stellar, Emmy-worthy cast, some pretty good storylines, and even cool sets (weird compliment).

    Parenthood is my 2nd favorite show on TV right now, which is saying a lot considering that I mostly watch sci-fi shows, I’m not a parent myself, and despite how much I love it, one particular aspect consistently gets on my nerves (too many scenes with more than one character talking at a time).

    Speaking of 2nd favorite, my 1st favorite is Chuck. So, giving that excellent, though inexplicably ratings-challenged, show a fifth season would also earn a lot of respect from me.

  • Not to rain on your parade, but I think CHUCK fans should be thankful for the four season they got and prepare to say goodbye

  • Ace

    I pretty much agree with you, but what else will NBC have in the fall? I wouldn’t at all be surprised if they got another 13 episode pick up just to make sure they have something if their four billion pilots fail. But yay Community and P&Rs!

  • Charles Carmichael

    Couldn’t be happier with this news, unless NBC picks up Chuck as well. I really can’t understand why more people aren’t watching NBC. It’s by far my favorite network!!

  • Crystal

    So happy! Especially for Parks and Rec, I am LOVING this season!

  • We have to spend the summer pimping Community so it comes back with the viewing figures it deserves.

  • Very pleasing news.
    Although I have to say I don’t find Perfect Couples that underrated.

  • Liz

    I love Chuck, but I could see it ending this year. And as long as they get a good send off, I won’t mind so much.

    Yay Community!!

  • Mal

    So happy! I love these shows! Well, Community and Parks & Rec. I used to love The Office…