An The Award For This Week’s Event That Actually Lived Up To The Hype Is …: V’s second season and possibly series finale, which thanks to copious amounts of blood, numerous character deaths and one genuinely game-changer of an ending actually has us wondering what on earth happens next. (Assuming of course what on earth happens next doesn’t involve resuscitating Tyler!)

Best Guest Star: What type of an actor does it take to completely steal the show from the likes of Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman and Chris Pratt? Answer: A four-legged one and the star of PARKS AND RECREATION’s Harvest Festival, Li’l Sebastian. Awwwwww

Least Anticipated Theme of the Week: AMERICAN IDOL’s yearly tradition that challenges contestants to pick songs from the year they were born does little more than make us feel really, really, old. We’re just sayin’

Biggest Miscalculation: Memo to Dan Harmon, constructing an episode of COMMUNITY that revolved primarily around Shirley, Chang and Britta is not exactly what we’d call streets ahead.

Best Reason to Renew Our Subscription to Entertainment Weekly Despite Their Refusal to get with the Program and Offer an iPad App: This week’s cover features Geek God Nathan Fillion.

Biggest Headscratcher: Five days later, we’re proud to say we still have absolutely no idea why “Rebecca Black” is trending on twitter.

Most Disappointing Cameo: The uninspired Sarah Palin-esque Tea Party candidate on this week’s GLEE should have been left to an actual D-lister rather than waste the talents of the usually funny Kathy Griffin.

Favorite Musical Number of the Week: With apologies to both AMERICAN IDOL and GLEE, it was MR. SUNSHINE’s Allison Janney that gets our vote thanks to a surprisingly beautiful duet with James Taylor. And speaking of MR. SUNSHINE…

Smartest Showrunner: Matthew Perry not only had the foresight to create a show for himself, but one that gives him the ability to write stories that have him dating the quarterback of a woman’s lingerie football team! Evidently, it’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

Best Reality TV Show That Wasn’t: If THE REAL HOUSEWIVES franchise was even half as funny as QUEEN OF JORDAN — 30 ROCK’s inspired and hilarious spoof of the genre featuring Tracy Jordan’s wife Angie — we probably wouldn’t detest the genre nearly as much as we do.

Most Welcome Flop of the Week: Despite the fact that we had absolutely no doubt in our mind that JERSEY SHORE’s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was a talentless hack, it sure was nice to see his talents, or lackthereof displayed for all to see as he went down in flames during what was otherwise a surprisingly entertaining Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump.

  • Nick

    So glad you mentioned Allison Janney. While, yes, it was a nice duet…I found myself saying “Who in the world gave this woman six Emmy nominations and four wins?” I didn’t watch West Wing, but what I’ve seen of her on both Lost and Mr. Sunshine has been ridiculously poor acting. (Although I’ve yet to see ANY good acting on Mr. Sunshine, so…)

  • Anonymous

    I gave into the Rebecca Black madness today. The video is definitely a must watch. You’ll feel so much different about your intelligence as well as Fridays.

  • The Situation’s Roast was so cringe-worthy, I considered hitting mute until he was done. TMZ also reported about his slavery joke directed at Snoop that was cut.The others thankfully did much better.

    Rebecca Black –

    I hope V gets renewed.

  • I agree about Community. It was definitely not one of their best episodes. I agree about 30 Rock too (but then again, pretty much everything 30 Rock does, I laugh at, so I might not be that objective!).
    Finally, about Mr Sunshine, I watched the first 3 episodes, but I don’t know, I wasn’t really taken with the humor of show… There are so many other great shows to watch anyway!