Share Your Favorite TV Quotes of the Week

It’s Friday and if you’re a frequent visitor to — you know what that means! Time to post your FAVORITE TV QUOTES OF THE WEEK! New to No idea what I’m talking about? Simply post your favorite quotes of the week in the comments below and check back Sunday to see the winners. Odds are they’ll look something like this.

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  • Ace

    Thank goodness for NBC Thurs comedies!

    April: I love you.
    Andy: Dude, shut up! That is awesome sauce! (Parks and Recs)

    “There are two things I know about white people: they love Matchbox 20, and they are terrified of curses.” ~Ken Hotate (Parks and Recs)

    “Don’t do impressions of other racists.” ~Angie (30 Rock)

    “Between you and me, I don’t Chang a lot of chicks.” ~Chang (Community)

    “Hit me with your genie’s bottle, rub it all over me.” ~Britta (Community)

  • Nick

    “Now THAT’s how you kill your mother.” Anna to Lisa, after skewering Queen Diana on “V”

    Plus, virtually any line spoken by Alec Baldwin on this week’s 30 Rock.

  • “Why do I have to put the vcr on 3 if Bones is on 5?” Chang (Community)

  • Anna to Lisa on V:
    ” THAT’s how you kill your mother”

    brilliant! 😀

  • oops! didn’t see this… I purposefully wrote down the phrase after seeing the episode thinking of this week’s quotes! :p