Infographic: Why Fans of HUMAN TARGET, FRINGE and LIE TO ME Should Be Afraid… Very Afraid.

Are you a FRINGE, HUMAN TARGET and/or LIE TO ME fan who currently finds themselves fretting over your favorite Fox show’s renewal chances? Do not under any circumstance check out the infographic after the jump. You’ve been warned.


    Traffic Light is a goner
    Lie To Me has already three seasons and is the nearest to the magical 100 for syndication. But not that near.
    I hope they renew Lie To Me and Human Target, if only two can make it.
    If three, add Chicago Code.
    Traffic Light not even if they can renew all four

  • bws

    My guess is that Lie to Me and Human Target are absolute goners. Fringe will get a new season but will be a mid-season replacement show, probably getting 13 episodes only. Chicago Code… probably not going to make it but difficult to say. For a procedural, it should be doing better – I know that’s a weird thing to say. Getting picked up for the fall will be (predictions only!) Alcatraz, Locke and Key, and I Hate My Teenage Daughter.

    Remember, not every show has to fit on the fall schedule.

  • Bszen27

    Interestingly enough, I believe that Chicago Code and Fringe are two of the best shows on TV right now. Lie To Me and Human Target are both good shows in their own right, but a step below. I look forward to watching all 4 any time they are on TV. I even watch Traffic Light… which I think is quite funny, but I also am realistic about the fact that it probably doesn’t have a chance.

  • Melissa

    Fox is the network most likely to premiere new shows during the summer and mid-season, so their available real estate is considerably larger than depicted.

  • ivetka

    Why Fox only has 2 hours of primetime and not 3 like ABC/NBC?

  • I would like Chicago Code be picked up for a full season, Fringe to get a half season (they’ve done really well with dropping the filler episodes this season so I think if they knew they had X number of episodes left they’d be able to make their story work within that…I mainly want it to get an ending) and Human Target to get the other half because I found it hilarious this season and there isn’t a lot of that type of action humor outside of USA.

  • Chris

    There is an article from last week that shows Fox’s summer schedule 2011 as 100% reality shows and reruns

    No summer lovin for us

  • Nawfalf

    As much as I want Human Target to come back for another season (I’m one of the few who actually think it’s much better this season), I think Fringe will be the only one to make a return. Human Target and Lie to Me are both completely under the radar. I don’t even think most websites have been reviewing Human Target this season, and FOX burned through the episodes very quickly. Fringe, while struggling, at least makes some noise for the network. I’m not saying it’s coming back, but out of the 3 it has the best chance.

    On the other hand, Lie to Me is produced by FOX, while Fringe isn’t. But I still think Fringe will make it.

  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing you’re not a Fringe fan as you didn’t even mention it in your post. That, or you’re just assuming Fringe will be renewed. As a correction, Fringe is closer to the “magical 100” episodes than Lie to Me (Lie to Me has had two half season, making the total only 48 while Fringe has had three full seasons, bringing it to 65 episodes at the end of this season). While it’s too soon to say anything for certain, I think it’s highly unlikely that FOX will cancel all 5 of their “bubble” shows at the same time. Of those shows, for various reasons, I would say that Fringe is the most likely to be renewed. Still, I have to admit that seeing it depicted as it is here, is enough to make anyone more than a little nervous…

  • bws

    It would require over a hundred local affiliates to move their nightly news. That’s a major change. It may happen someday but not anytime soon.

  • Ace

    I love Fringe, but I kind of agree with your point. I would rather them have an exact number of episodes to finish the story in. If they drop it this year without letting them do a proper ending, it will be extremely disappointing.

  • Ace

    Not to mention that in most markets, the Fox affiliates are actually mostly NBC people that do both broadcasts. Those people can’t be in two places at once.

  • Rob

    Simply put, Bring Back Human Target. I need not elaborate. I enjoy action shows and the rest of the progamming is putting me to sleep.