Infographic: Find Out How Healthy Your Favorite TV Shows Renewal Chances Are!

Is the fate of your favorite show keeping you up at night? Does the very notion of May UpFronts leave you dizzy in anticipation? Never fear, is here with Health Watch: TV 2011, a comprehensive guide that takes the fate of your favorite show to an entirely new level. Which is to say, you may not like the status of your favorite show, but you sure as heck will enjoy the appealing way in which we’ve presented the data!

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  • Your chart is missing a show: ABC’s Better With You that airs Wednesday night, although it hasn’t aired lately, but is scheduled to return in April to finish the season. Also, what ABC’s Secret Millionaire?

  • As always, the freelance editing is much appreciated and I mean that sincerely.

  • Nick

    I think the only people who believe One Tree Hill has a shot at returning are media members and fans peering thru rose-colored glasses.

    OTH fans, quick, without taking an hour to think about it: Name me ONE compelling storyline that makes you want to endure another season. I look at the show…I see no plots at all. This entire season has been one big good-bye wrap-up, but I feel like I’m the only one who’s noticed.

  • Hm. The only healthy shows I watch are Castle/Bones, Community, Raising Hope, and Parenthood and half of those were on the fence until recently. None of them are my favorite shows though. My favorite shows all Touch & Go. The Chicago Code, Fringe, Human Target… FOX lured me in again and I am going to be burned.

    Fun fact: I watch nothing on CBS. I had been watching Blue Bloods early on but Chicago Code reminded me what a cop show should look like and I dropped it.

  • how come Nikita is Touch and Go???? Hellcats should be Touch and go!!!

  • Sretav

    I think a show like Smallville deserves it’s own category. Flatlined isn’t really fair. It wasn’t canceled. If they were willing to continue, CW would love to have them. There’s a difference between cancelation and bowing out of the race after a very long and very successful run.

  • Liz

    Hmm.. I’m mostly ok with this. It would be nice to have V back, just ’cause I want to see where they are going with it.

    I love Chuck, but I wouldn’t cry too hard as long as we get a bit of a finale.

  • Hellcats is technically on the bubble according to Tvbythenumbers. It’s numbers are definitely not healthy.

  • While HELLCATS probably should be considered “touch and go” its strong showing when it airs repeats has me thinking the CW might just see a growth opportunity with it. Especially because the CW’s very limited marketing budget precludes it from launching too many new shows.

  • Purplehewitt81

    ANTM too is healthy

  • Purplehewitt81

    ANTM too is healthy

  • Pelican13

    ABC’s show Detroit 187 is a great show! Why not try to save it.
    Seems like everytime something good comes along, they find a way to screw it up. Move it to another day/time slot to keep it if you have to. All the good programs seem to be bunched at same time & day. Why notspread out better over week for move viewers.
    Folks without DVRs are missing out as well as the networks missing all those viewers.