Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with GREY’S ANATOMY Star Chyler Leigh

Before landing the role of Lexie on GREY’S ANATOMY, you starred in a handful of shows that never made it past 13 episodes. What’s it like to finally have some semblance of job security?
Chyler Leigh: Oh my gosh you have no idea. GREY’S ANATOMY was literally the first time in my career that I got past thirteen episodes of a show and the funny part was once I hit episode 13 and we finished filming it we ended up having to break for the writers strike, so it was literally on my 13th episode and I almost had a heart attack. But the great thing was that when we came back it was my first 14th episode of my entire career and so I had a bottle of champagne and a very big victory dance that day. To have been able to play one character for 87 episodes has been an incredible journey, and I’m extremely grateful that I didn’t manage to get this show canceled!

What has been the most surprising thing about playing Lexie?
Just the way Lexie has matured and grown as a woman, as a doctor, where her relationship now is with Meredith and you know just the overall experience of being able to embody somebody for that long. It’s rare these days when you get to be a part of something that is as successful and as long a running show likes GREYS. To be able to do that, have fantastic writing, an incredible cast, people who I genuinely love, and just overall get to develop these relationships personally and as the character has been really really fun.

When we last left Lexie, there was some pretty big developments on the relationship front. Were you surprises to see her slink into the shower with Jackson?
I can’t say I was super surprised given the track record on this show and that pretty much everybody sleeps with everybody else. I was surprised that we went in the shower at the end of the episode! That was surprising. and I get the feeling it shocked a lot of fans as well. But, if you go back and you look at it from even the beginning of the season you can see where Lexie and Jackson have been sort of — even if it’s a little bit more from Jackson’s side — developing a really great friendship. So that has kind of always been there where at least they have a friendship underneath it and are there for one another to vent, and now shower. Of course where it goes, we don’t quite know yet.

Can you give us a hint as to how Mark will react when he hears the news?
Well you know we don’t technically see his reaction but we do hear about it. Actually, I guess you do see some of it, but there’s not like some sort of huge blow up or anything like that that happens. I don’t know if it happens at the end of the season, it could, it might not, I have no clue yet. But you will definitely hear how it’s effecting him.

Would it be safe to say that the Mark, Lexie, Jackson triangle will play a pivotal role as we head toward the end of the season. And while we’re on the subject, how do you think the show is going to top last season’s unbelievable finale?
I honestly don’t know yet. We haven’t read the scrips for the finale, we’re just having the table read today for episode 21, so I don’t even know what happens in that. But all I do know is that I think for Lexie specifically, I think this season, the last 2 episodes are going to be more personal and more emotional for her as opposed to big happenings. There’s no more shootings, I don’t think there’s anything grandiose that’s going to be happening as far as a tragedy, that I know of at least, but I do know for Lexie it’s definitely going to be an emotional end to the season.

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GREY’S ANATOMY airs Thursday at 9PM on ABC (CTV in Canada)

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