Is a Member of THE BIG BANG THEORY About to Pop the BIG Question?

Love is in the air. Or at least that’s the distinct impression our source behind-the-scenes left us after letting it slip that an upcoming May Sweeps episode of THE BIG BANG THEORY will see two of your favorite characters embroiled in something so shocking, so rash, and so unexpected that it will send somebody close to them to the hospital! Any guesses? Now would be your cue to post away in the comments below.

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  • Fantomax27

    howard will bernadette to be his wife and his mother got a heart attack

  • Nicole

    I wonder if it’s Raj since he’s the only one of the seven not in the picture? Especially odd since he’s an original cast member, yes he’s single right now but so is Penny.

  • My guess would be Howard & Bernadette, with Howard’s mother in hospital, as Fantomax suggested.

    However, a close second would be Penny and a potential suitor, with Leonard ending up in hospital and potentially derailing Penny’s marriage.


  • Shilo

    To throw another guess out there, I’ll say Leonard and Priya will get engaged and either Sheldon or Penny will be the one to go to the hospital.

  • Just thought I’d mention that TVGuide now has confirmation from Bill Prady.