Play TV Showrunner Madness (Round 1)

Ever wonder what your favorite TV Showrunner might be capable of accomplishing if he (or she) was given an unlimited budget and complete creative control free of any-and-all network interference? We sure as heck did! Which is why, before the clock runs out on the month of March, we thought it might be fun to award one TV Showrunner the means to do just that in our first annual “TV Showrunner Madness” Bracket Tournament. (Click here for a larger version of the above bracket)

But which very lucky showrunner is going to get carte blanche to execute their showrunner opus? Well, that’s where you โ€” our far smarter and better looking readers โ€” come in. You have until exactly 10AM (EST) on Tuesday March 29th to vote for your favorites (after the jump), with the lucky winners moving on to Round Two tomorrow.

Let the games begin.

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  • David E Kelly right after Boston Legal would have provided a stronger competition. While Harry’s Law is nice, I’ve not once got a tingly feeling I used to get while watching Boston Legal.

    Also, I chuckled at Chuck Schwartz beating Gossip Girl Schwartz almost 19:1.

  • Rae

    Grrr. Some of those were hard. Also, if this were a write-in ballot, Steve Franks would have edged out Matt Nix for me.

  • Sorry Rae! In truth, the idea dawned on me very last minute over the weekend. Next year I’ll expand the field to 32 and include a lot of worthy candidates that I missed.

  • Hnt108

    How dare you put Joss Whedon against Eric Kripke this early in the competition!! Both completely deserve to develop the shows they want without interference!! Joss would finally be able to put out a show like he intends it to be and Kripke would put out a horrifying gory masterpiece!

  • Kelly

    Wow. Some of those were really tough. I mean Hanson vs. Marlowe, and Whedon vs. Kripke…just to name a few…others, really easy. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope to do much better at THIS bracket. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Based on a number of comments online I also wanted to just clarify that this of course is not real! As much as I’d like to be able give away hundreds of millions of dollars to the showrunner of my choice, you guys don’t click on enough ads to make that financially possible ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Morgandiegel

    Jeff Eastin versus Matt Nix? Come on, you people are mean! Too hard >:(

  • Babette

    I went for Castle in stead of Bones because Bones already gets a spinoff, but I can’t choose between them. I mean Bones was first but Castle is that more wittier ๐Ÿ˜› I’ll leave it to you folks

  • I stopped getting tingly feelings from BL and still haven’t seen the last 6 eps of so. The character of Alan changed so much, I did like the breaking of the 4th wall, and the balcony scenes, and the closings in general. I miss voiceover. Notice Harry has it. But she shouldn’t be all into her new “family” in just 5 eps. Ally could do that as it was Billy doing most of the talking and he’d know her forever. I didn’t get into Pickets Fences or Snoops or the reality show, but DEK’s other shows are pretty good to my second favorite show ever.
    The Chuck thing *was* funny. And I voted for Bill Lawrence tho I still don’t love Cougartown.

  • you really want HH to screw you again on a will-they wonยดt they kind of show, really??

  • fred

    Agreed, this one is an impossible choice.

    My top3 would probably be Joss Whedon, Eric Kripke and Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad), how come he isn’t even listed?