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Play TV Showrunner Madness (Round 1)

Ever wonder what your favorite TV Showrunner might be capable of accomplishing if he (or she) was given an unlimited budget and complete creative control free of any-and-all network interference? We sure as heck did! Which is why, before the clock runs out on the month of March, we thought it might be fun to award one TV Showrunner the means to do just that in our first annual “TV Showrunner Madness” Bracket Tournament. (Click here for a larger version of the above bracket)

But which very lucky showrunner is going to get carte blanche to execute their showrunner opus? Well, that’s where you — our far smarter and better looking readers — come in. You have until exactly 10AM (EST) on Tuesday March 29th to vote for your favorites (after the jump), with the lucky winners moving on to Round Two tomorrow.

Let the games begin.