Is Adrianne Palicki’s New WONDER WOMAN Costume a Wardrobe Malfunction Waiting to Happen?


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  • Nick

    Fingers crossed.

  • I am so not their target audience it seems.

  • Charles Carmichael

    We can only hope.

  • Those tata’s are about to come loose!

  • lipslikeasukal


  • Anonymous

    I Wonder why that Woman is so ugly.

  • Bringing sexyfat

    God I hope so

  • Chnljb

    I hope

  • E-6 U.S.N

    k youre an ass, she is not ugly

  • Chris Raziel

    Looks like a low budget PORN parody!… XD

  • Satanist

    Maybe he’s being objective and you are only looking at her boobs.

  • Hmunoz007

    This looks like a part for Denise Milaani. ¬†except No “wardrobe malfunction.”

  • SexyFrog

    compared to Lynda Carter… yes.

  • Bfg666

    Looks boobalicious but… Wonder Woman in pants? WTF?! Where’s the mini-skirt?