A Twist of FRINGE: Amidst Tragedy An Unexpected Love Story Blooms

In the most recent episode of FRINGE entitled “Bloodlines,” Fauxlivia’s pregnancy took a dramatic turn after she was kidnapped and her baby’s gestation period medically accelerated.  While speeding up and manipulating Fauxlivia’s pregnancy was stunning enough, the real story was about another revelation:  Agent Lincoln Lee’s confession of his love for her.
Turning the tables on fans that had been bemoaning the discovery that Fauxlivia was carrying Peter’s child, FRINGE took the extremely unpopular storyline and turned it into a fan-favorite.  For in one fell swoop, it unmasked Lincoln’s feelings for Fauxlivia and created a star-crossed love affair for which fans could suddenly root.  There had always been a hint of special feelings on Lincoln’s side for Fauxlivia, but as long as she was happily involved with her boyfriend Frank, Lincoln kept his feelings to himself and allowed her to live in peace.
Yet fate delivered an unexpected twist for them all when the Alt-Fringe Division sent Fauxlivia into our universe replacing Olivia and claimed our Olivia as their own using false memories to convince her that she was Fauxlivia.  That switch had long-term ramifications as Fauxlivia fell in love with Peter in our universe and Olivia struggled with her identity in the alt-verse leading Lincoln to believe that there may be a chance for him as he continued to watch protectively over her after her breakdown.

By having Olivia and Fauxlivia switch identities and live in each other’s lives for awhile, the world shifted – or rather two alternate universes shifted.  Fauxlivia’s love for Peter culminated in an unplanned pregnancy – one that nearly cost her life due to a deadly genetic medical condition.  In addition, Olivia’s love for Peter helped her fight off the implanted false memories from her doppelganger’s life and drew her back to our universe.  Love for the same man is the one thing that saved both of them — for had Fauxlivia not been carrying Peter’s child, Walternate would never have conspired to accelerate the pregnancy, preventing the disease that would have claimed her life had Fauxlivia ever tried to carry a child to term.  Walternate may not have been as concerned for Fauxlivia’s life as much as he really wanted to ensure her child lived, but he did save her to save the child – no matter for what nefarious purposes.
Fauxlivia has been a bone-of-contention since she first appeared.  She was not our Olivia and she was deemed lesser because of it.  Yet even as Fauxlivia assumed Olivia’s life and impersonated her to everyone who knew Olivia, she demonstrated familiar signs of the things we all loved about Olivia – the very things that Peter fell for as he embarked on a relationship with her.  Simultaneously, we got to watch Olivia fall under the spell of Fauxlivia’s carefree life and the joy it brought to her for a time.
By walking in each other’s shoes, they both discovered love in many different forms.  Fauxlivia discovered love with Peter; and Olivia felt the love of a mother, a boyfriend and teammates that she did not have in her own life.  Each tasted love of a different kind and it opened them to another universe of possibilities.
Thus, when each returned to their own universe, the residual effects of tasting that forbidden-love – a love that they would normally would never have experienced, left them open to experiencing even more love.  In fact, both Olivia and Fauxlivia craved it.  Olivia refused to live a self-contained life without Peter and Fauxlivia could no longer pretend she was in love with her boyfriend Frank.  A taste of real love meant that everything else paled in comparison.
So, like Olivia and Fauxlivia, Lincoln too was unable to live a life without love anymore.  When faced with the near death of Fauxlivia, he professed his love for her and, as he held her in his arms, the warmth of his overwhelming love could be felt across the television screen.  As Fauxlivia fought for the life of her child, both Henry and Lincoln watched protectively after her – and the circle of love was palpable.  These are people who would do anything for the one they love – whether it is a romantic love, a mother’s love for her child or the love of a good friend.
Love has been a very cleverly embedded seed that has grown throughout the mixed-up universes — bringing it into each of the Olivias’ lives in an unexpected way.  Should neither have journeyed into each other’s world, they may never have been open to or exposed to such possibilities.  Yet fate intervened and the door to love in all its forms was introduced to each of them.
But, by far, the best love story of all was watching Lincoln step forward and declare his love for Fauxlivia.  Fans everywhere exhaled with happiness and ecstasy.  There is a new couple to celebrate and it brought back a sense of order in both universes.
Now if only our heart’s desires can be maintained.  With a fourth season looming, undoubtedly the path to true love will continue to be rocky, intertwined and hard-fought.  But kudos to FRINGE for introducing us to the power of the potent hidden love-story of Lincoln and Fauxlivia.  It brought us to our knees.

Tiffany Vogt is a contributing writer to TheTVAddict. She has a great love for television and firmly believes that entertainment is a world of wondrous adventures that deserves to be shared and explored – she invites you to join her. Please feel free to contact Tiffany at Tiffany_Vogt_2000@yahoo.com or follow her at on Twitter (@TVWatchtower).

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  • Anonymous

    The fact that Peter has a child he doesn’t even know about rather sours my affection for Lincoln & Fauxlivia, sorry.

  • Ye of so little faith! I trust that the writers will not be keeping Peter in the dark for very long. Plus, if the child continues at his accelerated rate, he may not be a child for very long. It will be interesting to see how the remainder of this season plays this out.

  • Anonymous

    OH! good thought… i hadn’t even thought about the fact that “Baby Boy Dunham” could continue at his accelerated rate… I really hated Fauxlivia… but when she was giving birth i found myself hoping that she would make it through…

    I also agree that i doubt Peter will stay in the dark about his child for long… it will be interesting to see how Olivia reacts…

  • I LOVE your essay. <3

  • Anonymous

    “FauxLivia’s love for Peter culminated in an unplanned pregnancy.”

    Not true at all, Tiffany! That wasn’t love that led to that pregnancy, that was plain old SEX under false pretenses. FauxLivia USED Peter Bishop as a means to an end, and she deserves every hardship she receives now, because it was an ugly deception she wove around him.

  • It’s disgusting that they’re suggesting, that Lincoln & Fauxlivia will raise the baby. That’s the only explanation I find to Lincoln’s explosive declaration of love. Unlike Fauxlivia, Lincoln was very likable in the episode, but I don’t think he deserves such a major role. The only way I find the baby interesting is in connection to Peter, not those two side characters.

  • We have very little evidence, that Fauxlivia fell for Peter. I fail to see her love for him, no matter how often I watch the episodes.

  • MadRaven72

    Right now it seems more implied than explicit to those of us in the audience, but references to Fauxlivia’s journal seem to convey to both Peter and Olivia that before all was said and done, she had developed real feelings for Peter

  • I’m pretty sure it was ONLY the pregnancy that was accelerated. Nothing was said to hint that the child will grow at an accelerated rate. Guess we will see though.

  • He’ll be in dark until Season 4.

  • He’ll be in dark until Season 4.

  • But does accelerated pregnancy equal accelerated growth in Baby Bishop.

  • Don’t forget the pictures she was taking back with her when she got caught. Her cover was blown but she found it important to take them? Oh yeah, she felt something. Whne she first told Peter tat is was something more thought it was BS, but it seems she was telling the truth.

  • Tiffany: Thank you for your bravery and romanticism in this essay. I, too, see the infinite permutations of love everywhere in this show. Walters’ loves warms my heart, too. Love don’t always smell like a rose, or look like a heart, but I do believe that it is what will save both universes.

  • Alexis Leigh

    agreed. altlivia used peter and her decission to sleep with him was prompted by newton’s words that she was not fully committed to the cause, not by her feelings. she might have developped affection towards the end, but still.

  • Alexis Leigh

    the baby storyline is NOT a fan favourite, no matter what it’s brought along.

    i really really liked frank, it’s a shame he’s gone for good. lincoln is a good substitute, though. if it can’t be frank, then let it be lincoln. just not peter…

  • Frank rules! Im surprised that the show runners think Lincoln is a more interesting character.

    Frank is the man!

  • I agree!

  • There is a spin you’ve got to do. Olivia has got to be sent over to the parallel universe to spy on their plans and she falls in love with Lincoln. Fauxolivia is held capture, but Peter breaks her out needing to know about his son. When all of this chaos ensues then you can try to create a storyline to bring the two original Peter and Olivia back together in a fifth season.

  • I don’t care abour love triangles. Just want to see another Olivia vs Olivia fight. There should be more of the two Olivias together.

  • Leadingirl

    I like lincoln and this little love story 😉

  • Bdk27

    super-growing the baby was genius! Also, have we seen Lincoln in “this” universe yet?

  • Kelly

    I like Linc and Henry but still have no interest in FauxLiva or the baby storyline. I much rather they stick to storylines about Our team and over here. If they can bring Linc in over here great, otherwise I just don’t like or care about FauxLiva.