Breaking: Netflix to Relaunch FIREFLY

Giving new meaning to the phrase “Can’t stop the signal,” comes the following jaw-dropper.

Fresh off their landmark deal to secure the rights to HOUSE OF CARDS, the much-anticipated television series and political thriller from Executive Producer David Fincher and Kevin Spacey, comes the news that Netflix has given the go-ahead to make Nathan Fillion’s dream a reality.

FIREFLY will soar again!

“Continuing our tradition of breaking new ground, Netflix is proud to announce that we have reached a deal with 20th Century Fox Television to produce 26 new episodes of Joss Whedon’s critically-acclaimed series FIREFLY,” said Netflix Senior VP of Development Lirpa Sloof in a statement released today. “Gripping, serialized one-hour dramas have become an integral aspect of the Netflix experience over the years and FIREFLY, thanks to Joss Whedon’s unique vision and his remarkable group of actors, goes a long way in helping to further our commitment to bringing our audience the best entertainment Hollywood has to offer.”

According to Sloof, Whedon, alongside brother Jed, Maurissa Tancharoen and Jane Espenson have been quietly working on scripts and, as a result, will be ready to begin production once work finishes on his current project, The Avengers.

Click here for the full press release.


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  • Jim Tocci

    So not funny.

  • AT

    That’s cruel and awesome.

  • DavidisALLright

    No, they abide by what April Fool’s stands for, and you’re just – dare I say it -just hurt by this one particular joke. Walk it off.

  • Blake

    That’s fucked up. Srsly.

  • So cruel. Pure evil. Now my soul hurts!

  • herold106

    There is a special place in hell, tvaddict. Special place. That is all.

  • herold106

    No, not all. SO damaged my calm. DIAF.

  • Mozrin

    This joke was a bit cruel. To many of us you told us our loved one that died in a tragic accident was in fact still alive and returning to us … only to pull the rug out from under us. /sigh

  • Realist

    Wasn’t Netflix. It was TVAddict…relax

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  • Julian Rhodes

    Unadulterated Evil!

  • Patrick Palmer

    Yeah, F-You-Guys.

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  • ThorOdinson

    This had to have been the cruelest “April Fool’s Joke” I’ve ever witnessed. Talk about getting someone’s hopes up and just as quickly dashing them to dirt.

  • Rachel McKnight

    I hate you.

  • arioch2112

    Fyou, Fyou, Fyou, you fargin’ bastiches… “… you’re going to burn in a very special level of hell. A level they reserve for child molesters and people who talk at the theater….”

  • Linda

    Yeah, that’s just cruel. Boo on you!

  • Blutus

    I luv the f-gs who believed this bu—-it from 3 years ago. F–kin’ fa–gots.

  • Blutus

    And the fact that you clicked on it, thinking it was real, even though it was from 3 years ago, makes you a f-g.

  • Blutus

    FIREFLY sucked ba-ls. One-note Joss Whedon bulls–t.

  • bitches.

  • Ebo Juan Kaneebo

    not cool

  • Chris Fordham

    Sad, i would so love new episodes.

  • Joy623

    How about you remove this after April 1 so that the “joke” doesn’t continue being spread all over the internet, as things tend to do, and it becomes no longer funny, but pretty aggravating and stupid. That’d be great.

  • Courtney Jo Preston

    Rot…in…the….special. ..hell.

  • Jenna Michele Shumate

    Rude. I won’t be coming to your site again.

  • DataAngelis

    Whoever come up with this deserves to be shot!

  • browncoatforlife

    THIS WAS CRUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Em Taylor

    That was a really horrible april fool. An April fool is supposed to have enough daftness in it to make you think about it And the other problem is that it is still doing the rounds a fortnight later. When people are less likely to be on guard.

    Shitty April fool. Won’t be anywhere near your pages again.

  • Ballistic Otter

    And people who say things that aren’t true about Firefly starting up because Netflix is relaunching it!

  • Mr. Midnite

    F*ck You, and the name of the exec is April Fool’s Backwards you absolute bunch of incompetent twats. It’s not even funny, just further proof of what a absolute gaggle of untalented a**clowns you are… First and last time viewing this haven for Hacks.

  • Anders Vesterberg

    uncool guys uncool

  • Oso Xiong McBear

    they rob us of the future and you rub our faces in it. ta ma de diao ren.

  • joydance123

    At first I was sooooooo happy, and then I was sooooo sad. That’s one of the meanest April Fool’s I’ve ever seen.

  • Simon Patrick Cantwell

    Hey, TV Addict!
    Go fuck yourself and your unfunny evil.

  • Billy Plante

    not even funny in the slightest, dickbags.

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    I just saw this…it is so CRUEL! how could you do this…

  • Jenifer Bileau

    you bastards!!! grrrrr

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  • Foo

    time to report the fraud to NetFlix and let their lawyers hash it out

  • mavis

    You are a horrid horrid person who should not prey on the hopes of fandoms. There’s a special hell for you.